10 Kinds of Men that Women Want

10 Kinds of Men that Women Want


There have been several complain coming from the men’s club these days, about how women don’t seem to check them out or consider them when they propose or ask the women out. Some have now lost interest in women completely. If we allow most of these men to argue for their positions, we might find some justification for them, but it doesn’t affect the fact that some other men are still getting the women, they are still getting women to continue to trip over for them. 

These men who seem to have the “women’s charm”, are often tagged “players”, the society usually describe them as being deceptive, cunning, but the truth is, there are some things that these “players” have, that women love, which explains why women are always flocking towards them. These qualities or assets are also what you need to develop if you don’t want women to keep rejecting you.

In this article, I will be showing you 10 things that some men have that makes it difficult for women to reject them.

1. They don’t chase after women

This is one thing that most men don’t know, women don’t like it when a man is chasing after them, no matter how much you love or value them, they want to be the one to do the chasing. It’s a philosophy that you would need to adopt if you don’t want women to keep rejecting you.

2. They don’t play with women too much

Scarcity creates value, that’s a law that would continue to be applicable. When you make yourself scarce, in such a way that you don’t play with women too much, you rarely talk to them or be around them, they would start craving your presence.

3. Men that are effortlessly funny

This is another thing that these men have, that makes it difficult for women to reject them. There’s a popular term that’s trending online, ” funny guys will always get the girl”, this explains why these guys who don’t find it difficult to crack funny jokes, who don’t need to put in a lot of effort before they make people laugh, always get women tripping over for them.

4. Men that can speak in public

Oratory is another quality that women find admirable in these men, women love it when a man is confident enough to stand in front of a lot of people and speak fluently without shivering. So you would need to develop this if you don’t want women to keep rejecting you.

5. Men that are outgoing

Ladies love men that are always the life of the party, men that are not too shy to dance in public or make friends with new people and have fun amid strangers, it helps the women make up for their shyness and insecurity.

6. Men that are handy

This is a quality that men usually ignore or underrate, if you’re the type that can easily fix broken things, fix your car, change flat tyres and all of that, women will trip over for you, it’s one quality they are always looking out for in men.

7. Men that can dress well

If you have this quality, women will find it difficult to reject you. As a man, you need to learn how to dress well, you need to find the fashion style that fits you, that you can stick to, and would make you look good.

8. Men that are business-oriented

Ladies also love it when a man is business-oriented, when what you think about most of the time is how to make money, it makes them feel proud and they can brag about it. So you don’t only need to improve your dress sense, you also need to develop a business mindset.

9. Men that can cook

You can use your cooking skills to woo any kind of woman you want. It’s a common fact that women love eating, and when they are lucky enough to find a man who can cook, they don’t usually free him, they assume that he would be homily and responsible.

10. Men that usually have women around them

If you’re the type that women are always flocking around you, count yourself lucky, because that’s what women admire most in men. Ladies want to be with a man that’s desired by a lot of other ladies, they love to use it as an opportunity to raise their ego and feel pompous.

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