10 Powerful Things That Makes a Guy Fall Deeply in Love with You

10 Powerful Things That Makes a Guy Fall Deeply in Love with You


Here are the 10 Powerful Things That Makes a Guy Fall Deeply in Love with You:




Your Looks : To be honest, first thing guys notice is “how you look”. That is the first thing which will bring his attention towards you. Without getting his attention you can’t show your other qualities to him. With looks i mean to say is:

Your fitness level; whether you take care of your health or not. Obviously a good figure is always a bonus.

Your skin: irrespective of your complexion , men usually get attracted to clear skin with good glow.

Your hairs: i personally feel good color and well maintained hairs make men drool.

Your dressing sense: even if you fail in above three, sailing through only this point can do wonders. Cause men usually lack in this quality.

Your liveliness: We men usually are colorless and boring inside. No matter how much good our sense of humour is, but deep inside we crave for liveliness and optimism. So, if you’re lively enough , men will crave for your company.

Your goals: No matter how much a failure you’re in life as long as you’re goal oriented and have your own ambitions, he will respect you and follow you. “A girl with 10k followers in instagram can get many guys attention, But a girl with ambition and goals will always gets the heart” So choose accordingly. Hardworking girls are rare species.

Your Intelligence : You don’t need IQ above 160 for that, basic common sense will do. Obviously a girl who don’t know the name of the president of country or can’t solve maths problem of even fifth grade , Can’t be a keeper.

Wit and sense of humour: If you’ve savage attitude to even change direction of the insult to the source you’re a queen for him. It shows you’re less vulnerable to negativity. Moreover, every human wants to be with a person who is a good entertainer.

Compassion and understanding: Men usually are less expressive of their emotions. As society has always taught us to stay emotionless and tagged the machoism with the line “ Men don’t cry”. So, If you can understand what he wants to tell but is failing to. You are eternal for him. This compassion thing is not limited upto him only. Obviously every man would love to be with woman, who helps and feels the pain for the weak and underprivileged.

Your Self esteem : In every argument if your apologising even if you’re right, for that time being you might get together again but for long run he will start losing respect towards you. And You can’t love someone whom you don’t respect. But understand the thin line between ego and self esteem.

Respect towards his life and his family: If you will not respect his family (especially his mother), his career or work and his ambitions gradually he will start feeling less for you.

Your availability: If you shower him with lots of texts and calls without a constant break , he will start feeling choked and consider that you don’t have your own life. You don’t have to reply his text everytime within 20 seconds. Take your time and make your own life first.

Faithfulness and loyality: This is the most important thing, even if you’re 2 or 3 in above listed qualities but you’re 9 in this. He will love you and can’t let go of you till eternity. The reason is this quality is very rare to find, all the above qualities can be inculcated with time and efforts but this thing depends upon your upbringing which can’t be changed. This shows whether you’ve been born and raised in the arms of the queen or not. And not so queen can’t give him the queen.

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