10 things you should never say to a soldier unless you want to see his wrath

10 things you should never say to a soldier unless you want to see his wrath


We all know soldier is one who fights as part of an army . A soldier can be a conscripted or volunteer enlisted person, a non commissioned officer , or an officer that provides protection to people know as civilians.



most armies use of the word “soldier” has taken on a more general meaning due to the increasing specialization of military occupations that require different areas of knowledge and skill-sets. As a result, “soldiers” are referred to by names or ranks which reflect an individual’s military occupation specialty arm, service, or branch of military employment, their type of unit, or operational employment or technical use.


However with the work they do, and specialize in we all know what they go through some have sustained life injuries and you know ordinarily soldiers are hard, so here are 10 things you should never say to them unless you want to see his wrath.



1. Never prove right: There are some certain things soldiers do and it’s gone without questions, once you get beaten by a soldier, there is nothing you can do, so either ways if you find yourself in a position of argument with a soldier kindly withdraw.


2. Don’t ask a soldier if he feels guilty: In a perception of this, we can say we know they went to fight terrorist in a far place, they have killed in one way or the other, don’t ever try to play on their conscience.


3. Don’t tell him he left too long leaving his family behind: Family is first, yet it is the last in a soldier book, he also feels for his family and wants to be with them, but his occupation doesn’t give in.


4. Dont ever ask him if a friend of his had died on a battle field


5. Dont ever ask the number of people he has killed before.



6. Don’t ever tell a soldier he earns high money paid in exchange for his life.


7. Don’t ever criticize the Army of a country on front of a soldier.


8. Dont ever try to tell lies to a soldier, if he finds out he will do you a lot of good beatings.


9. Dont ever ask a soldier why his troop lost a battle.


10. Lastly Never try to tell a soldier about the law, even if you are a lawyer. It’s risky.

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