11 businesses you can start with 20k and become rich, everybody can do no.5

11 businesses you can start with 20k and become rich, everybody can do no.5

You are welcomed to Bizworld where we share business success and how to grow in business, today we will be sharing 10 businesses you can start with 20k and grow up successfully doing them.

1. Pop Corn production:

Almost everybody has patronised these sellers one way or the other, starting a pop corn business is quite cheap and it can be sold anywhere the eye can reach, in the streets, mall and cinemas, just buy Bags of corn in the market, Branded Nylon, Sugar, Salt & Butter and cooking utensils. The beauty of this is when properly made, its aroma will attract it’s customers. Popcorn can be served anywhere. 

2. Fairly used cloths: Fairly Used clothss such as Jeans, Tops, t-shirts, shoes etc could be sourced at big markets at cheaper rates. Wash then and pack neatly. Marketing is all it takes, you’ll Sell and see your money multiply, all you just need in this business is wisdom, iron them and sell neatly to make cool cash.

3. Train broilers and old layers: Almost everybody eat chicken and eggs if not all, they are consumed at homes, restaurants and all food joints. Just buy infact chicken at N400 per pieces well treated and buy 2 or 3bags of feeds, train and sell the broilers at 7-8k at full maturity especially in festive seasons, the layers also produce eggs daily, put them in creates and sell to make your money.

4. Tutorial classes: This is a very cheap business to start, no matter your age and location, this is another well paying job, either as part-time or full-time. Many families are willing to spend what it takes for their children’s success and there’s one subject you’re well equipped at. Just close the gap, meet their need for a fee and smile to your bank.

5. Dry Cleaning Services: Most office workers barely have time to wash their cloths after working from Monday to Friday considering they go out early and come back late at night, some still have appointment on Saturday and left with Sunday which they go to church and would want to rest after church, you can start a dry cleaning service, make a card and give to them, they will all patronise, you just need to be diligent to succeed here.

6. Mobile and Electronic Accessories: Almost everybody uses a smart phone in our world today and always in need of Mobile and electronic Accessories such Earpiece, Pouches, Chargers, USB cables, HDMI cables, and more which can be sourced on Alibaba, Ali Express, Deal Extreme, etc. The more you buy the lower the price. And they are light so shipping won’t be a burden. Sell them on jumia and co. or at your desired selling spot

7. Bead making: Beads are highly patronised and loved by fashion lovers, you could make cool money making bead wristbands and necklace, All you need is training, passion, creativity, unique designs and styles, then adequate marketing, you are good to go.

8. Cakes and confectionery:


People celebrate everyday and if you develop the skill of making cakes you will just smile to your bank, if you give good service to your customers they will gladly refer others to you. Cakes are on high demands in weddings and birthday celebrations, so you are sure to succeed if you put in your passion.

9. Snail Farming:


Snail farming is very cheap and affordable. You start start snail farming with N20,000. Snail farming in Nigeria is even more popular, due to its relatively cheap cost of start up and If you market your products well, your business will thrive. People also tends to patronise this business very well, this is a business you can start from your backyard. Best in mind, snails take almost a year to mature so Patience is a must if you are ready to succeed.

10.Home service barbing and hair stylist: You could buy a clipper and tell people around you your service and in no time you could start getting calls, same as hair stylist, ladies can also offer home service by making nice hair styles for women who are too busy to visit the saloon and start smiling to the bank.

11. E-Payments and POS Services:

Almost everybody operates a bank account with one bank or the other and would want to do one transaction or the other. POS business can earn you some reasonable income, You can get a POS machine from your Bank, and activate online banking: If you live in a place where banks aren’t much you can handle e-payments for people and make some money, long ATM queue might really frustrating if a person needs money urgently, here you can solve their problems and make your money. Next you smile to your bank. 

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