13 Ways To Make A Woman Think About You Nonstop, Even If Money No Dey

13 Ways To Make A Woman Think About You Nonstop, Even If Money No Dey


If you want to make a girl think about you nonstop, it is possible and that is what I will be discussing in this article. From the tips of this article, you can get a girl addicted to you without using mind games or lots of hard work. The only clue here is to emotionally charge her.




Some of the ways include;


1. Think about her happiness


It is selfish to only consider your interest when you want to make a girl obsessed with you. Instead, your aim should be how to make her feel good and happy. The key in female attraction is making her feel comfortable and a woman is a heat of emotion. Make her feel good about herself by talking about what she enjoys.


2. Get to know her on a deeper level


The deeper your conversation, the more attracted she is to you. Always be present with her and listen when you speak. Remember what she says in the past conversation and bring them up in the future. When hanging out together, give her your full attention.




3. Be a great kisser


Being a great kisser is a skill you can perfect. This type of kiss has a push and pull tension. Sometimes you take the lead and times, she can also. Always apply passion in the process.


4. Show off your independence


Women have their own life to live hence make her feel comfortable by facing your life. Your lack of independence can completely turn off a woman.


5. Dress and groom yourself well


Looking good will make you feel good which will boost your confidence level. This can also make you attract more females which might make your status higher and even the lady you are dating will want you more.


6. Be a gentleman


Open the door, make selections and make her feel you genuinely care about her. This just really means being nice and humble. This also means being nice to her in front of people like friends and family.




7. Be great in bed


Make sure your bedroom skills are good because this is the intimacy builder. If you can connect during sex, she will most definitely become addicted to you. Sexual incompatibility and lack of foreplay can stop a woman from falling for you.


8. Be interesting



Dating can get very boring if there is nothing new to talk about. Try and bring up values you like as well as hers during the conversation. Start learning some new facts to engage her with. Always ask open-ended questions.


9. Show your vulnerable side


It’s sexy knowing that a guy can be vulnerable. Women understand your emotion even if you try to hide them.




10. Be confident



You may be nervous on the inside but make sure you don’t act like one. The more you practice confidence by getting out of your comfort zone, the easier you feel. If you can feel confident in her presence, she will know she is dating a man and not a boy.


11. Take the lead


Stop leaving everything up to the woman. Go out there and plan a date from start to finish and take her out. Stop making her plan everything.


12. Learn her love language


Everyone has a love language and learning hers and acting on it can make her melt in your hands.


13. Tease her and have fun


Playful teasing and flirting make a relationship fun because you are paying her direct attention which will make her desired and wanted.


Dear guys, apply these tips and you will see your woman completely obsessed with you.


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