14 years after these beautiful twins were cut into two; this is how they have grown separately

14 years after these beautiful twins were cut into two, this is how they have grown separately.








Two girls had been born together 14 years before. At birth Kendra Deene Herrin and Maliyah Mae Heerin had been together in 2002 before they were separated in 2006 by surgery. When they were conceived, they both shared a single kidney. Also their legs were just two independently regulated by each. The kidney was maintained by Kendra after the surgery, while her sister had a kidney transplant dialysis for one year. Her mother gave the kidney one year after the procedure.

How did they look before an operation:
















They were born in the United States, Salt Lake City, Utah. Jake and Erin Herrin ‘s parents. During service, Maliyah ‘s life was at stake but still had to be done so that each would have a life of their own and make their own decisions. These two girls only have two legs, an abdomen, pelvic, liver , kidney and the large intestines. they are born together, yet they have different tastes. Therefore, each of the doubles has a leg access. It was confirmed that when they were four and a half years old in 2006, the procedure where they were split was carried out. In addition, it was said that the procedure lasted about 20 hours, with up to 7 surgeons involved. After separation, another procedure began, lasting another 7 hours for both of the children. They remained in the hospital for more than a month before being released to travel with their parents.

These girls have become so pretty 14 years after all surgeries and loves. While Kendra once refused the kidney her mother transplanted for in 2007, another successful transplant was performed.

They’re well aged now:








They all learn how to use crutches at the time. In comparison, over the years several changes have arisen and their parents plan on prothesizing them.
















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