15 amazing phone functions you never knew existed

15 amazing phone functions you never knew existedm


Everyone has a smartphone but it’s only a few that knows the full potentials in the cell phone by combination of certain codes.Some work in all phones while others work only on certain models of phone.

Here are the functions.

15. IMEI number.

It’s available for both Android and iPhone users. By Dialing the code, you see your international mobile Equipment number. If your phone gets lost or stolen you can use the IMEI number to block it from all service providers network.

14. Number identification

This will help you turn on or off your number identity. If you are calling someone and you want to hide your number you dial it.

Note: it works on the other way round. If someone calls you with a hidden number, you can dial it to reveal the number. It works only on iphones.

13. Statistics and secret menu.

It has different purpose depending on the type of device you use. If you are using Android phone it shows you Wi-Fi notifications, battery, CPU and phone’s temperature .

12. No outgoing calls.

If you want to block out going calls meaning you don’t want someone to make calls with your phone you dial it. To turn off, dial *#33#pin# your phone’s pin. Only on iPhone

11. Instant factory reset.

When you dial it, it will delete every app and files in your phone. It’s irreversible once done.

10. Whole re-installation.

It uninstalls all your phones apps, files and installs them back. You do this when your phone infected with virus or when your phone is hanging.

9. Better communication.

It increases the quality of your of your phone’s network but it drains the battery. Press same code to cancel. Only works on IPhone

8. Listen to yourself.

You will be able to listen to your voice in the last 20 calls you made. You can do it for fun or to refresh your memory

7. Service center number.

Only for iPhone. You use it to see the service center number of your network provider when needed.

6. Quick turning off.

It switches your phone off instantly. Android users.

5. Call waiting.

IPhone users. It notifies you of incoming call while you are already on a call. You can answer the incoming call or reject.

4. Quick access to service menu.

Only on Samsung Galaxy phones. It takes you to service menu

3. Signal information.

It shows your network strength. Dial the code then press power button until you see switch off on the screen, release power button.

-140 is worst signal

-40 is best signal. IPhone users

2. Straight to voicemail.

If you don’t want to answer your calls or you are busy all you need to do is dial the code, it will push all your incoming calls straight to voicemail. Dial same to cancel. Only on iPhone.

1. Hide your number in out going calls.

works both on android and iPhone. If you want to call someone but you don’t want them to see your number or you want your number hidden. Dial #31#phone number of the person and send.

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