20 Photos of People Who Risked their Lives taking Selfies

20 Photos of People Who Risked their Lives taking Selfies

Taking selfies is a modern practice associated with the innovation of smart phones with extremely high quality camera pixel. Taking selfies could be fun especially when taken in beautiful places with a mind-blowing background for the sustenance of a lasting memory. Taking photos of one’s self is one attitude strongly common among youngsters, most especially with the availability of social media platforms to showcase one’s pictures for friends to see, like, share and comment on.

Many people are ready and willing to do almost thing to get comments, likes and drive massive engagements to their photos or social media posts.

Talking about the readiness and wiliness to do anything to attract massive public attention; here are photos of daring selfies that might probably leave you wondering or contemplating if these guys are brave or rather insane or even out of their mind for attempting this dangerous type of selfies.

Caution: Please be wise and stay safe, don’t try these selfies at home or school or any high level surface

See photos below;

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