3 Important Things To Avoid When Texting A Girl

Three(3) important things to avoid when texting a girl

You finally got the courage to ask for that girl’s number, right? Now you are really pumped up on texting her and sparking some attraction in order to go on a date or get her to like you but do you know making a little or silly mistake when you text a girl could be a real turn off and all your efforts might just end up wasted.


You text a girl and things start going on nice and cool between you guys maybe you even have a feeling she’s already into you then, boom! all of a sudden she stopped replying your texts and you wonder where the problem might have emanated or occurred.


In this article I’ll share with you 3 Important Rules To Follow When Texting A Girl.


1.Don’t Text Like Other Regular Guys:


A lot of guys after getting a girl’s number just start asking her things like “Hey, how was your day?” Or “What are you doing?” Or even “Have you eaten?”. You keep on asking questions over and over again until you just bore her out and she stops replying your text.


Why don’t you be a little bit mysterious and and step up your game to make sure every single text you send her will lighten up her eyes and she’ll distinguish you from other guys wallowing in her DM.


Here are some examples on how to do this;


This is my favorite, I just text a girl randomly like this “Hey! I’m bored wanna go rob a bank?.” Anyone who sees a text like this will feel this guy is just hilarious and must be a fun guy and if you build up on that text she’ll definitely play along and you can open so many doors just with that simply and short text. The main point here is that stop asking her questions and change you game to be different and special.


2. Don’t Discuss Too Many Intimate Issues Over Text:


When you discuss too many intimate issues with a girl over texting and you eventually set up a date to meet her in person trust me it’ll be the most boring date ever because you guys must have discussed every intimate issues over text which could not really spark attention because she was not there physically with you.


I believe the main purpose of texting is just to set up dates while you do the real talk when you guys meet physically.


Make sure you try your best not to waste all your interesting or intimate discussions over text.


3. Don’t attach Too much Importance To Texting A Girl (Have a purpose in life):


Some guys almost run mad whenever a girl doesn’t reply a text or if the message was left on a read receipt, most times it happens that the girl is probably busy or off to someplace.


Why not have something else doing and stop looking at your phone waiting for her to reply.


If you work in an office or if you are a student after texting her drop your phone and face other important things in your life. I’ll always say, never let a girl be your purpose in life because if you don’t have a purpose no girl will want to associate with you.


Doing this is very healthy and it helps a lot because most times when you pick back your phone when you’re less busy she’d have already replied your text.


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