3 Things To Do When A Girl Starts Asking You for Money Every Time

3 Things To Do When A Girl Starts Asking You for Money Every Time



┬áThere are some things you should do if a girl keeps asking you for money. You can not simply sit back and provide her with money every time she asks; you must take steps to break the habit. I recall that most men nowadays are still hustling; you don’t have that large sum of money yet, which explains why you can’t spend what you do have on a lady; you want to do something else with your money rather than give it to her every time she asks

This is why I’ve prepared this article to inform you about what to do if a female starts asking you for money every time. I will be teaching you three things to do in this text while a girl keeps soliciting you for money every time.


1. Introduce her to your business. When a girl starts asking you for money at random times, the first step you should take is to introduce her to your business. You want to financially empower her, expose her to the many options available to her, and possibly help her become financially independent. Introduce her to your business and teach her how to make money, so you don’t have to spend too much on her.

I recall thinking it might be a little difficult to do this for a woman because of the incredible testimonies we’ve heard in the past about how women tend to become boastful and extraordinary whenever you do something like this for them, but the truth is that if you want to keep her from constantly

2. Invest in her business

Another thing you may do when a woman starts asking you for money regularly is to invest in her business so that it grows and expands to the point where she won’t need to ask you for money again. As a result, you should learn about the business that she would like to start and invest in it for her.

3. reveal yourself to her

When a woman starts asking you for money regularly, you should sit her down and have a conversation with her; you want to open up to her about how difficult it is for you to give her money regularly; don’t just expect her


When a woman starts asking you for money every time, those are the things you need to do.

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