3 Things You should Never Say To A Girl You Just Meet To Slap

3 Things You should Never Say To A Girl You Just Meet To Slap

Most men are not cautious when it comes to the game of dating and that is why they keep making mistakes that sometimes result in their getting rejections from the ladies they love.



There are things to say to a lady at a first meeting and things that shouldn’t be said, but most men make the mistake of acting too quickly verbally when they meet a lady that they love.

In this article, I will share the things that men should never say to girls they just met.



1. Men, please don’t ask after the age of a girl especially when you just met her, the age has no relevance to who she is as there is a general belief that age is just a number. There may be tendencies of asking the question to her, but you should try as much as you can to avoid that.

2. Men, please don’t tell a girl that you just met that you love her. Even if you love her, you should wait for some time before you disclose it to her and not immediately that you met her. Ladies don’t take guys that claim to love them at first sight seriously.



3. Men, please never ask a girl if she has a boyfriend, this will tell her what you came for and she will not even allow you to go further. It’s also being rude for you to ask such a question to a lady you just met as that will make her question how you evaluate her in your heart.

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