3 Years After He Was Shot In The Spine, See Recent Photos of Nollywood Actor, Onyeka Henry

3 Years After He Was Shot In The Spine, See Recent Photos of Nollywood Actor, Onyeka Henry



If you move, I will shoot”

“I will shoot you and nothing will happen

“I will fire you”

“I go just give you one bullet for leg”

“If you say pim I will shoot you”

You’ve probably heard any of these sentences from a police man or soldier in Nigeria.

It is sad that the people tasked with responsibility of protecting us from danger are now the ones making us scared.



They will cock their guns in your face and when they see fear all over you, they’ll burst into laughter and say something like “na play I dey play, why you too dey fear like this na?”

Ehn? Which kain yeye play be dis?

Nigerian policemen and soldiers are trigger-happy and we cannot help but wonder why. They have this urge to show civilians that they have power and this power can be used unchecked.



The annoying part of it is that these same people become mute in the face of real terror and criminals. But once they are with unarmed civilians, their energy reaches its peak, their mouth spit out harsh words, their eyes turn red, violent adrenaline surge through their veins and their hands begin to dart restlessly towards their guns. And when we hear ”kpoza!” “Kpoza!” the next thing they say is “Accidental Discharge” or ”Stray Bullet”

It’s a stray bullet that have confined a promising nollywood actor, Henry Onyeka to a wheelchair.



Onyeka was mistakenly shot by a soldier on his waist at a checkpoint, while in a taxi in Jos on the 15th of December 2017. According to Onyeka, the Soldier wanted to collect money. The gun shot affected Onyeka’s spinal cord and was booked for a surgery.



Onyeka’s surgery was successful but he was unable to walk again. The bullet from the gun shot entered his spine and since then, he has been battling partial paralysis.



His dreams of becoming a successful actor in Nollywood flushed away within a twinkle of an eye.

Below are some pictures of Henry chilling with some Nollywood stars in the past. He was indeed destined to do great things until he was shot.





It’s been 3 years now and Onyeka has changed a lot. From a healthy man with muscle, Onyeka is now a shadow of himself.

Below are current pictures on Onyeka









Onyeka no longer get movie roles. From rolling with the big man and women in Nollywood, Onyeka now begs online.

Some Nigerians suggest he should be taken to Synagogue Church of All Nations for healing.



Some believe he can receive healing anywhere. While some think Onyeka will never walk again.

Will Onyeka be able to walk again? 

Why have top Nollywood stars forgotten him?

Should Onyeka be taken to the Synagogue Church of All Nations?

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