34 Years After Her Father Rejected Her From Birth, See What Chika Ike Has Achieved (Photos)

34 Years After Her Father Rejected Her From Birth, See What Chika Ike Has Achieved [Photos]



In life, It is very important you accept any gift of child God gave you, whether male or female. the worst thing you can do is putting all your hope in a male child, Everybody need a male child but Nigeria parents forget that female child do succeed nowadays more than some male child.

Many pregnant women are afraid of giving birth to a female child, because they are afraid of been rejected by their husband after child delivery.Even Nigeria father’s forget that their chromosome also determine the gender of the child to be deliver, so why putting all the blame in a woman.

Nollywood actresss Chika Ike also passed through same situation.



Chika Ike , a Nollywood actress described the situation of her life in a book titled, Boss Up. She was born in 8 November, 1985 in Onitsha, According to the actress she said after she was born her father rejected her for not been a male child, that all his father needs was a son.





It was not easy for her as a child to be rejected by her father, According to chilka the reason of all her hustling in life is to quote many people wrong that a female child can also be useful, also to prove to those that rejected her in their family that anybody can make it in life.



Today Chika Ike is a celebrity, a girl living a life she dreams of, and a multimillionaires, she is not just an actress but a popular one.



The sad news there is today Chika’s parent are not alive to witness how successful their daughter has become.



According to her, she love her mum very well that she have to get her a car before death took her away.











Today Chika Ike achievement is so numerous, let’s look at they thing she have achieved as an actress.

Today, Chika Ike is one of the best actress in Nigeria.





One time winner of Best Role Model in Africa at the African Youth Society Award, In 2009.

Chika Ike was once appointed the brand ambassador of a well popular energy drink known as Bullet Energy Drink



She was once the owner of a well popular reality show called the Africa Diva Reality TV Show.

She is once the winner of the Best Actress at the Donven Club Award, in 2011.

Not too long after winning the reality show she open her fashion line, in Abuja, Nigeria



Chika Ike as someone that passed through stress during her childhood did not relent to help children and giving them hope for bright future. She opened an NGO called Help a Child Foundation.



In 2012 she won African Heritage Awards for her Contributions alot to The Youth in Africa as a whole and, also won the most disciplined actress at the Actor Guild of Nigeria(AGN) Award in 2013.



She’s into real estate.





August, 2020 was a great success as she bought a fleet of vehicle for her studio, flip script











Chika Ike is always busy helping out the poor and taking care of the less privilege.

Chika Ike celebrating her Birthday at a Public School in Asaba





























Chika Ike Visiting The Less Privileged Children

















Chika Ike Hosting More Than 2000 Street Kids









Chika Ike In A Visit To Children Of Dead Soldiers





Chika Ike Palliative Distribution during Covid-19 pandemic lockdown

















From a rejected child to a millionaire, this should sound as a warning to you that is about to build up your family, never underestimate what God gave you as child.



May God bless you for remembering the poor ones and I pray that God will grant you all your heart desires.

Nigeria celebrities should try and imitate from you to build a better nation.

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