4 Diseases That Kills Quickly If They Are Not Treated Properly

4 Diseases That Kills Quickly If They Are Not Treated Properly

A disease is a condition that is not normal, and it affects the way the body functions. Some people can develop a disease due to one reason or the other, and if it is not properly taken care of, the person may die. Diseases always come with different signs and symptoms and when they occur, the affected person will know that something is not right with the body. A disease can be caused by external or internal factors. There are some diseases which are dangerous and needs to be attended to, when the symptoms starts.



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This article will look at four diseases that kills quickly, if they are not treated properly. They include the following:


1. Coronary artery disease


The coronary arteries gives blood and oxygen to the heart. This disease starts when the blood vessels that gives blood to your heart, becomes damaged. This disease is usually caused by high cholesterol, and inflammation of the coronary artery. When blood supply is reduced, it can lead to chest pain, poor breathing and heart attack. This type of disease shouldn’t be played with, because it can lead to death.



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2. Stroke


Stroke happens to the body, when blood supply to part of the brain is cut short. When this occurs, it stops brain tissues from receiving oxygen. When a person has stroke, the brain cells begins to die slowly and the person needs to be rushed to the hospital, to avoid serious complications. Stroke can cause paralysis, inability to speak well and serious headache.



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3. Diabetes mellitus


Diabetes occurs when a person has excess sugar in the blood. The body cannot process and use glucose from the food eaten. If this disease is not treated properly, it can cause serious damage to the body. There are different types of diabetes, and you need to see the doctor when you notice signs of diabetes in your body. Signs like frequent urinating, swollen legs and unexplained weight loss are attributed to diabetes.


4. Cancer


Cancer can occur in a person’s body, when abnormal cells grow quickly and destroys the person’s body tissue. Cancer is very dangerous and if it is not treated on time, it can lead to death. Cancer can happen in any part of the body, and it has signs that shows in the body. Signs like tiredness, weight loss, bleeding, lumps and skin changes.



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It is important that you visit the hospital, if you notice any changes in your body. Delay is dangerous because, it can lead to death.

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