4 Things You Shouldn’t Wear To Bed To Avoid Serious Health Problems (with pictures)

Ladies, Here Are 4 Things You Shouldn’t Wear To Bed To Avoid Serious Health Problems (with pictures)

Ladies, Here are 4 things you shouldn’t wear to bed; they can cause you serious health problems.



Just like the way you care for the your well being, sleeping heathy is part of health because it keeps you refreshed and enables you to replenish your lost energy and cells. Not getting the required sleep makes it hard for one to make a healthy living. There are thing you should avoid wearing if you want to sleep comfortable and free from some health problems.

In, this article, you will learn some health benefits of avoiding some kind of things we wear to bed;



Below are things you should run away from if your want to enjoy your night sleep without bring vulnerable to any health problem;

#1. Underwear


Many people like wearing underwear to bed, wearing an underwear prevent the easy flow of blood at night so, it is very bad for your health and your sleep quality. The worst is wearing a tight underwear, it helps in storing bacteria in both male and female because it doesn’t allow easy flow of air in the private areas. This causes serious irritation and inflammation in the vaginal area. 

Tight underwear doesn’t allow the skin to breathe this usually cause serious discomfort and even problems such as yeast infections and other infectious diseases.



Avoid wearing underwear made with nylon material. Nylon material doesn’t make it easy for the flow of air, it only makes you sweat and keeps your skin from breathing at night. Sweat at night help bacteria to build up in the body and cause various skin irritations and infections. You better go for cotton material to that are loose this will help your body to relax.

#2. Tight Clothes



Yes! Tight clothes are among what you should avoid at night. This makes it almost impossible for the skin to breathe. If you are not in a well ventilated room, tight clothes are one of the worst things you can wear for a quality night’s sleep.

Do you know that very tight clothing can actually cause you many health problems? For instance, wearing skinny jeans can pinch your nerves and cause painful tingling and numbness, it will also squeeze your private part, cause you serious health conditions.

If you don’t know, tight clothing leads to different types of cancer; breast cancer, skin cancer even blood cancer which develops as a result of not having enough oxygen in your blood.

When you wear tight clothing all the time — and while you sleep — your body may prevent products from flowing through your lymph nodes, potentially causing problems for your immune system.



Choose loose fitting clothes that aids easy movement and free flow of air while asleep. Also you you should avoid other tight materials like tight waistband and wristband, you may have a harder time falling and staying asleep.

#3. Bras

Another kind of tight clothing that can cause damage to your skin and even your ability to breathe during the night is bra.



In the past centuries, most women do wear bra to bed due to one reason or the other. Like believing it will help maintain their breasts’ shape. This belief is said to be false according to some research made by different medical teams — it may even prevent breasts from achieving a natural lift.



Wearing a bra at night isn’t a healthy style of living because it can dig into your skin and cause skin infections. It makes it hard for the covered skin to breathe and prevent easy movement while asleep. When sleeping at night you should allow your body to be free, so to enable easy movement and free flow of air. This also prevent one from developing some breast illnesses like breast cancer, irritations, itching skin and other related health problems.

#4. Makeup

Some women are obsessed with makeup that they even go ahead in wearing makeup at night. Some don’t even have energy to wash off their makeup after a long day’s work. However, wearing makeup or falling asleep with makeup on your face can cause serious health problems. The makeup block skin pores, making it hard for the skin to breathe in air, this makes one to develop wrinkles at very early age and also cause other health problems like skin irritations.



It is advisable to wash off before going to bed, you are required to wash off makeups, even if you are not wearing makeup, it is proper you wash your face. This helps in removing bacteria that are on the face and also remove substances that are obstructing the pores of your skin.



You can easily wash off your makeup by using a gentle makeup remover on your face. It is better you use a hydrating moisturizer, which helps relieve your skin from the drying properties of regularly wearing makeup and cleansing your face.



You should try learn to practice the above tips because as you do so, you are also preventing yourself from developing deadly diseases like, cancer, skin infection and irritations, bacteria infection, fungi vaginal infection like yeast infection known candidiasis.

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