5 Questions A Girl Will Ask You When She Has Feelings For You

5 Questions A Girl Will Ask You When She Has Feelings For You

Before a girl can consider giving you a chance in her life, there are some things she will do, one of them is asking you some questions. These questions will determine if you will be given a chance only if you answer nicely.

Most girls usually do these things before opening the door of their heart for a guy. They firstly, test a guy, by asking him some questions just to be sure and knows his intention.



Dear guys, a girl can end up having feelings for you if she asks you these 5 questions, answer nicely.

1. Who do you think should be contributing more to a relationship?



A girl may ask you this kind of question just to know if you believe in equality when in a relationship or the other way round. If you’re unable to answer this nicely, you might end up losing your chance with her.

The best way to answer this type of question is to tell her that, both the man and woman are to be contributing and investing in a relationship, that’s the only way the relationship can grow and last long. A girl hearing this from you might end up having feelings for you.

2. Do you have a girlfriend?

This is the most straight forward question a girl can ask you that doesn’t require you thinking about it, you just have to answer immediately. If you start thinking before you answer, she will consider your answer as a lie. The best way to answer this type of question is to tell her you don’t have one and make sure it is coming out straight as she asking you.

Normally, you don’t expect her to be happy if you tell her you have a girlfriend, there is no way she will have feelings, and if she does, it will disappear that day.

3. What do you like doing?



When a girl asks this kind of question from you, she just wanna know what makes you happy and see if she can maintain it for you. She probably knows you have some interesting hobbies and things that make you happy. You can simply answer her by telling her things that make you happy if she is okay with it, she might end up having feelings for you.

4. How did your past relationships ended?

Girls don’t normally ask this type of question from a guy, but if by chance you see a girl and she asks you this, just tell her things didn’t go as planned and you guys later broke up. If you say something you were not supposed to say, you will end up ruining your chance. You don’t have to give her the details, just be brief about it. If she is okay with your answer, she might end up having feelings for you.

5. Can you spend on the girl you’re dating?



She probably asks this type of question to know if you’re the type that doesn’t believe in spending money on a girl you’re in a relationship with and to know if you’re the stingy type. I think the best way to answer this type of question is to tell her if you have, you will spend it on her. If there is money, nothing is stopping you from spending on your woman. I’m pretty sure she will fall after hearing this unless she is only after money.

It would be better if you answer the question without lying. If she later finds out you’re lying, that might made you lose bigtime.

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