5 Teenagers Who turned Themselves to Plastic for Beauty but End Up Destroying themselves- Photos

5 Teenagers Who turned Themselves to Plastic for Beauty but End Up Destroying themselves- Photos

1. Farrah Abraham





In January 2015, Farrah undergone a plastic surgery to plump up her lips into attractive beautiful shapes with an allege lip-injection which eventually went wrong. The chemicals used in the surgery was corrosive and eventually trippled her top lip in size, which automatically left her in a mouth-deformed state. Luckily, for Farrah, she did corrective measure surgery which fortunately restored her original lip shape.



2. Kelli Johson





Kelli was had passion for modelling. She started her modeling career when she was just ten years of age. Based on her Negros nature she had short-pointed nose which was a great concern to her, she really wanted to fit in all round shape with eventually prompted her into involving in a surgery just to get her nose long and pointed. But she ended up deforming her nose. She eventually left the modelling industry due to the intensed mockery from her contemporaries.



3. Sahar Tabar





In 2017, Sahar a 19 years teenager from Iran shocked intagram with her bizarre series of selfies. Sahar claimed she has taken 50 surgeries just to look like her actress roll model ‘Angelina Jolie’ . The 19 years old has also stated that she has been on strict diet which brought her weight down to about 40kg which is critically unhealthy for her. She all these unnecessary price she paid just to look like Angelina Jolie.







4. Celso Santebanes



Celso a Brazilain teenager who was 20year old at a time had passion for dolls and puppets. He ended up doing 4 surgieries on his nose, face, chick and chest just to look like a human version of a puppet. Shortly, he complained of pains in his legs, which turned out to be cancer erupted from the chemicals used in the surgery. He died shortly after.





5. Mauricio Galdi



Born in 1988, in Italy. Mauricio is a Brazillian actor and TV Show Presenter. At the age of 17 Mauricio began a lot of surgeries just to look like a human doll. Which eventually turned him into an “ugly looking doll”



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