5 Things Every Woman Wants In The Morning But Will Never Tell You

5 Things Every Woman Wants In The Morning But Will Never Tell You


It is true women are soft and fragile creatures that should be treated and handled with care and love if they must still retain their value. The way you start your day to a large extent determines how the rest of your day will be structured. Everybody wants to start his or her day in a happy and joyous mood and also with lovely compliments from his/her spouse or lover.




In today’s article I’m going to be revealing to you, 4 words or compliments every woman want to hear or be told in the morning but will never bother to tell you, because they feel telling you my make them sound or look desperate.


Here are 4 words or treatments every woman will be so happy and glad to hear in the morning from their spouse when they wake up in the morning.


1. Wake Them Up in The Morning




Just the same way you wake your kids from sleep when its morning, women love it when they are woken up in the morning with a warm and lovely gesture. Waking them up gives them a sense of security and love knowing someone cares and has great concern for their well being.




2. Told Good Morning and Asked “How Was Your Night”



A day begins with a good morning and ends with good night. Every woman loves and cherish the moment when their spouse softly holds them and tells them “good morning, and how was your night”. This gesture sends them into a mood of instant ecstasy. Greeting your wife or girlfriend in the morning gives her the self-confidence and motivation needed to start a successful day.


3. Kissed



This might sound awkward to some persons, but trust me; every woman loves to be held with warmth hands and softly kissed on the forehead in the morning. This simply act of lovely gesture speaks louder and better than a thousand lines of love quotes and poem as it practically sends a message to your wife/girlfriend that she is heavily loved and adored by you.


4. Told “I Love You”



The word “I Love You” is more than just a word. The words come with a lot of power force and drive that motivates and set a positive day running for your spouse. Every woman wants to he held and told the “I love you” words, but funny enough they will never tell you, for reasons best known to them.


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