5 Things Men Enjoy In Women But May Not Tell You

5 Things Men Enjoy In Women But May Not Tell You

Men can’t just decide to like a woman if not that they’re some certain things he likes about her. Science has also proven that we’re attracted by what we see and feel. And that explains why men study women first before approaching them.

There are some certain things men enjoy in women that serves as a great determinant for them to approach or ask any lady out. These things are usually natural and women need to watch out for them so they will be more careful.




Below are 5 things men enjoy in women but they will never tell you.


1. Women that know how to treat others nicely.






The first thing on my list men enjoy about women is how nice and caring they are. Men are usually attractive to women that are nice and caring. To them, they’re one of a kind and will make a good wife material. If you’re a woman and you’re not nice and caring to others, men will hardly take note of you.


2. Women that can cook.




A man will prefer a woman that knows how to cook rather than a woman that has a good look and doesn’t know how to cook. You can easily win a man’s heart if you’re good at cooking. To men, a woman needs to be able to cook well before they can marry them so they won’t have an issue later. They won’t want a situation whereby they will come back from work and won’t see any food to eat. If you’re a woman and you’re lacking in terms of cooking, you should make amendments before it gets too late.


3. A woman with good manners.


Nowadays, most girls are just too fond of themselves and hardly give respect to people that deserve it. And this explains why men will first know if a woman has good manners before approaching her. It is one of the things men enjoy most in women but will never tell you. If you’re mannerless, guys will never look at your side.


4. Women that know how to dress well.




Your sense of dressing also matters a lot to men. They can’t just approach any girl that has a loose sense of fashion. Men won’t easily take their eyes off you if you’re putting on a nice and elegant dress. This explains the reason behind the popular saying, “The way you dress, the way you’ll be address.” If you’re good at dressing, men won’t hesitate to approach you.


5. God-fearing.





Truth be told, no man will plan to marry a woman that doesn’t have the fear of God. He might only use you as his girlfriend and then end up marrying someone else. If you’re not religious at all and don’t know to pray, no guy will want to marry you.


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