5 Things You Should Not Do As A Single Or Unmarried Lady [OPEN LETTER

5 Things You Should Not Do As A Single Or Unmarried Lady [OPEN LETTER]

Dear Beloved Single Ladies,


With gladness of heart I bring you greetings from this end. You can trust to be blessed and transformed by this information. I hope that this meets you well.




Firstly, I want to advice you to always stay and live around Elders within your immediate environment, trust me, there are a whole lot of lesson to learn from them. It’s always my heart desire to stay with Elders often and with willingness to learn from their wealth of experiences in life.




Here, let me 5 things I actually have learnt from them when it comes to “Being A Single And Love Affair”. You know I love you and also want you to do well.




1. Avoid Hotel


Let nothing for any cause lead you to a hotel. As a single girls, you shouldn’t have any reason for going to hotel. People must not be seeing you around hotel. It doesn’t speak well of you. Don’t forget, the place you visit pass a lot messages about you.




Just imagine how people will feel or what they will be running through their minds whenever they see you in, going into or leaving a hotel?


The irony is, any of these people could be your potential family in-law.




Let’s assume you were invited for a conference, a meeting, an audition or an other significant event, reject the invitation and tell the organisers to find a better venue for whatever it is they want to do. Even if it is for a job interview… Do not go.




Even if your church has a hall for worship in an hotel, change your church with immediate effect. Daughters of Most High should not be seen in such places.


Avoid spending your cash in such immoral places. Do you even have the depth understanding of what the mattress you want to sleep on was used for




2. Dress Decently


There is an adage that says “the way you dress, is exactly the way you will be address.”


Always dress decently and cover up significant places in your body. Stop exposing your cleavages, stomach button, thighs or different sensitive components. Be cautious of carrying transparent clothes.


Do not display off your flesh for any purpose whatsoever. Always cover yourself properly for the person that will eventually marry you. Nobody wants to marry a woman that has uncovered all her body to the world.


3. Avoid Eating Outside.


Do not eat out. Stop going to Eateries or Restaurants for food. Develop your skills in the line of preparing the kinds of foods you love to go eat in restaurants yourself. Learn how to bake. Learn the way to make local, continental and intercontinental dishes. It gives you an edge over other women.


Don’t you forget that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach?

Even if your occupation does not give you time, squeeze out time to cook for yourself.


If you need to purchase meals from a restaurant, take it home for consumption. A girl should not be seen ingesting in such places. It reduces your wife material.


If your boyfriend suggests lunch in a restaurant, take the cash, visit the market, purchase food stuff, return his balance to him, cook and consume with him at home. trust me, he’s just testing for your materialness.


4. Do not talk too much. Do you want to dominate your husband?


Leave activism and politics for the men. You don’t have any business about the latest price of naira against the dollars?


Buhari is easing the lockdown, Does that affect you in any manner? You must not write about everything.


Feminism? Do not even move near it… Just steer clear. Women can in no way be identical and equal with men. Men are always the head and women, the help meet.

5. Avoid Intimidation


Even when you have all of the money in the world, mind the way you spend it. Don’t put it in your consideration in purchasing cars, a house or luxurious stuff for yourself. Do not even dare going on vacations.


Do you want to intimidate and scare men faraway from your life?


My final summit, What is a lady without a husband?


If you abide by all of the above facts and more that I am going to share subsequently, you are going to live a long and happy life, find for yourself a good husband material, be a good wife and mother, and build together a remarkable home.

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