6 Beautiful Nollywood Actresses Who Survived Fatal Car Accident

6 Beautiful Nollywood Actresses Who Survived Fatal Car Accident And Next

Having money and fame in the world doesn’t mean a lot if you don’t have your life and wellbeing. Some of our popular Nollywood actors and actresses have got involve in some fatal accident but they survive. These 8 Nollywood Actresses were fortunate and made it out with their lives.

1. Stephanie Okereke



Stephanie Okereke was traveling to the Africa Movie Academy Awards in April 2005 when she was have a fatal accident, leaving her face and body burnt and one leg broken.

This happened because a big tanker with flawed brakes turned and hit her vehicle, causing a immediate blast of crest of fire.

Okereke accepts that it was by the finesse of God that she is alive today.

2. Ininabo Fiberesima



On February 26, 2006, Fiberesima was driving along Lekki-Epe freeway when she lost control of the wheel, turned into the inbound path and smashed her vehicle into Suraj Giwa’s vehicle, which brought about his demise.

The person that she hit was a medical practitioner at the Lagos General Hospital. Bits of gossip had it that she was drunk when she was driving. In an expression of remorse to the family and Nigerians, the actress demanded that she was not drunk when the accident happened and that she was profoundly grieved.

3. Ann Njemanze



Ann Njemanze who got popular for the role she played in Domitila endured an fatal accident in a vehicle that she was in. She was getting back from location where they are acting film when the accident occur.

The accident happened in Calabar, Cross River State. She was left weakened for about 2 years and was operated upon multiple times. She actually conveys the scar from that accident on her jawline.

4. Uche Jumbo



In June 2011, Uche Jumbo had a collision with another vehicle while driving in her FJ Cruiser. The accident happened late in the night along the Lekki-Chevron pivot in Lagos.

5. Bukky Wright



On July 16, 2012, Bukky Wright had an auto crash in Epe. Her Nissan Pathfinder was seriously damaged. She was subsequently hurried to an emergency clinic where she got treatment.

6. Regina Daniels



In 2019, Nollywood Actress Regina Daniels and her sibling Sammy, had a fatal accident which happened just before Christmas in Delta State. They were driving with two of their friends in the car when the accident happened. But we thank God that nobody die.

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