6 most Successful business ideas many people forgot, he bought a Benz from one of them

6 most Successful business ideas many people forgot, he bought a Benz from one of them

Welcome to Bizworld, today we are sharing with you successful business ideas that has the potential to make you a millionaire. Kindly read through an give your Contributions.

1. Catering business:

You might be wondering what are the business that are striving in your country and every society around you. Starting up a catering business requires you being a good cook. Catering business is very lucrative because there is always one occation here or the other and people need to cook in large quantity with good taste. So starting up a catering service will always pay you off. Couples doing wedding, wedding anniversaries, birthdays and other social gatherings will surely need your service, so you are sure to make good money if you are good at what you do.

2. Sawmill and firewood business:

Almost everybody have wooden materials in their house, it could be your door, wardrope, chair, stood, kitchen cabinet e.t.c. wood is essentially needed by man for daily activities. Its used everywhere including the tables and seats used in the markets. Woods are used as firewood at major cooking occations where the cooking is in large quantity and done outside. So opening a sawmill or wood business would launch you quickly into millions as you dont need to bother about sales, wood is needed daily for one purpose or the other, start now and thank God you saw this post.

3. Scrab iron business:


This is yet another lucrative business people seem to ignore. Scrabed irons have made many millionaire and still making money today. Buy scrab irons and resell to stell companies at a higher price, these stell companies melt them and use them to make new metals. Its very gainful, all you need here is get those who would search them everywhere in town and sell them to you in kilograms, you are good to go. 

4. Phone charging business:

This business succeed well in places where there a little or no stable electricity, peole would always use their mobile phones to do one thing or the other and when they run out of battery will start looking for a place to charge. Get a good generator, make a big charging board or two that can carry like 100 chargers or desktop charges at a time, get a good location and you are sure to make your money. You can charge N50 per phone and Imagine you charge 100 mobile phones daily, you would have made N5000 that day. This business is highly successful in areas with little or no electricity.

5. Liquid Soap making:

Soap making is here also as another business highly ignored by people. Soap making process isnt quite difficult, it involves getting the chemical ingredients in the market and mixing them in their right proportion. I used to have a colleague then in school who makes liquid soap and sells it to students. You never can tell how much she makes daily. All you need is get the chemicals from a major market, buy empty cans, you can start producing and start selling to colleagues in your school, office or to your neighbours. Visit restaurants and offer them at a lower price for a start and you are sure to make your money.

6. Food delivery business:

Many people find cooking as a stress to them especially amongst the male. Food vendors should take advantage of this reality and offer food delivery service to them at a special charge rate. Some people well priviledged prefer to order for food instead of going through the rudiments of cooking their meals at home expecially when they are hungry. Just set up a good restaurant that involves food delivery service. You would be surprised to know many people wouldnt mind paying high fees just to eat at the comfort of there homes.



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