6 Things To Keep Private If You Want To Succeed In Life

6 Things To Keep Private If You Want To Succeed In Life



Trust is earned and not given freely hence you must decide who you confine your trust in as you journey through life. The people you put your trust in can hurt you any time and that is why you have to keep some things about your personal life private. Sharing private and personal information about your life to the wrong people can be detrimental to your progress in life.

You have to be properly discerning when it comes to selecting your true friends. I want you to understand that not everyone who is with you today is your true friend. Some will just pretend to get information and other valuables from you. You have to be very careful when it comes to sharing your personal information with the public.

Some vital things about your life you must not tell anyone if you want to succeed in life.

1.  Family problems

This is one of the most vital secrets you must keep to yourself as you journey through life. Everything that happens within your family should not be shared with people outside. Some of those friends you trust might use what you tell them later against you and this is what you need to avoid at all costs. Don’t make the mistake of sharing your family problems with even your best friends if you want to go far in life. So many people have made this mistake and it has ruined them.



2.  Your income

Never let pride make you discuss your income with random people. Your income is another thing you must not share with the public. Never trust even your best friend with your money issues. I have seen in real life where people kill their best friend just because they know the whereabouts of his money, so don’t share your money problem with others. No matter how tempted you are, keep this to yourself.

3.  Secrets of others who trust you

This is very common in our society but it is a bad habit. There are some secrets some people who trust you will tell you but don’t share those things with other people. Some people are fond of relating the secrets of other people to others and will tell them to keep it as a secret also but this is wrong. That person will relate it to the fourth party just the same way you related it also. Always learn to keep the secrets of those who trust you else, it can hurt you later.

4.  Goals for the future

Your goals for the future should be your motivating fuel and not something you should go about telling people. Research has shown that when you relate your goals and plans you have for the future to someone, your brain will release a chemical hormone that will make you believe you have partly achieved that goal thus decreasing your focus of pursuing it into completion. Never share your plans for the future with someone. You never know if they will use it against you.



5.  Past downfall

Although it is necessary to learn from our experiences, we must learn to keep them private to ourselves. We all have some little memories which are not pleasant but you will do yourself harm by relating them with others. Avoid telling people about your past resentment. Doing this can make you feel bad as all the bad memories are brought back. Also, need to be careful who you do this with even if you must.

6.  Passwords

So many people have done this and are regretting it today. Don’t trust even your best friends with your passwords like your ATM pin, password to your money save, phone passwords and even email passwords. Keep them safe to yourself. Only your faithful spouse is permitted to know this. Not even a random girlfriend should know about this.

Everyone should adhere to the tips of this article.

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