She Was Caught Sleeping A 13-Year-Old Boy In Zimbabwe, Beautiful Pictures Of Her

Days ago, a Zimbabwean lady who is now identified as Precious Teya was caught páñts down with a 13 year old boy who is in form 2. She was however nabbed in the process of having a round of pleasure with a minor. Precious Teya told the court that she was invited by the 13-Year-Old boy to have fun and told her to come the following morning with sleeping tablets which they gave to his siblings that put them to sleep while they were carrying out their own business.

Precious Teya who is from Chitungwiza is a Thigh Vendor and she appeared in court on Friday February 26, 2021 was charged with aggravated indecent assault as women cannot be charged with r@pe in Zimbabwe.

How Did They Meet?

The 13-Year-Old Form 2 student from Houghton Park in Harare went to an adult dating site and selected Precious Teya as his chat buddy. The 13-Year-Old boy found a link to her WhatsApp number and she sent him a list of services she offers. She charges $20 for pleasure, $40 for Full House, $30 for Fetish, $15 for NURUV.

How Did It Happen?

The Form 2 student chose $20 for pleasure and when they agreed to meet at the boy’s family house, she came with sleeping tablets after he told him to come with one and they used it on his siblings to avoid any disturbance. She came with a taxi to his family’s house and the 13-Year-Old boy gave him $20 to pay the taxi man. After they drugged his siblings, they bought had a nice round of protected pleasure.

After the round of pleasure, Precious Teya tried to exploit him by asking for $120 instead of the agreed $20. The young boy who was broke and could not raise the money she demanded went to meet his neighbor for a loan, but the inquisitive neighbor asked him what he needed the money for and he explained everything to him. This made his neighbor to alert the boy’s grandmother who called the police and got her arrested.

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Reports have it that some call girls in Zimbabwe employ a change in agreed price as a way to exploit their client.

I asked myself some questions when I heard the news, what will a 13 year old boy be doing in an adult dating site rated 18+? Is there really a case here since the boy invited her to his family’s house? Like, share and drop a comment.

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