7 Lifestyle Habits That Will Make People Respect You Even Without Money

7 Lifestyle Habits That Will Make People Respect You Even Without Money

Psychology tells us that, no two people are exactly the same even if they are identical twins. People have different personalities, some can be introverts, some can be extroverts but no matter the kind of personality you have, if you have certain lifestyles people will respect you and will like to work with you.



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Your lifestyle has to do with your way of life, your lifestyle embodies your attitude, character, ethics, behavior, likes and dislikes. Certain lifestyles make people respect you even if they don’t like you.




Here Are 7 Lifestyle Habits That Will Make People Respect You.


1. Keeping To Time: the concept of ‘African Time’ was coined for some people because, they never keep to time even if they were the ones that fixed the time.


Aside being a very bad habit, being late make people lose regard for you and over time people will start to ignore your appointments.



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However, being punctual speaks highly of you, it makes people around know that you place so much value on their time and that you are disciplined because, it takes a high level of discipline to keep to time.


So, keeping to time make people take you more seriously which also means that they will have respect for you.




2. Having a Very High Moral Standard: in the world we live in today, it is a little bit difficult to find a decent person that has and maintains a moral standard. People usually don’t have respect for people with low morals, even those that pretend to respect such people only have superficial respect for them.



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A person that has and maintains a a high moral standard is a person that does not bend the rules, exploit people, cheat people or compromise their intergrity. Although, people don’t usually like such people they still have great respect for them.


3. Being a Good Dresser: there is a popular saying that, ‘first impression matters’ . There is also another saying which says ‘you are addressed the way you dress’.



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The way you dress speaks so much about you, who you are and what your values are. So, it very important to wear clothes that, are decent, neat, well fitted, appropriate and clothes that make a positive statement about you.


What you wear goes a long way in determining whether or not people will respect you or disregard you especially, if you are a woman.



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4. Observing Simple Courtesy: the thing about courtesy is that, it does not take anything away from you yet, many people have no sense of courtesy.



Observing simply courtesies like, greeting people when you enter public spaces like, public transportation, saying excuse me, not interrupting people while they are talking, saying sorry, and making space for other people can take you very far in life and most importantly, it makes people respect you.



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Courtesy are meant to be observed by both the rich and the poor, so imagine the kind of respect you will have for a boss or employee who observes the above mentioned courtesies.


5. Humility: my definition of humble is ‘ proud but not arrogant’. This simply means that, you should know your worth, demands what is yours, set boundaries, carry yourself with grace but never look down on others or belittle them also, never feel that you are too big to do anything.



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Being humble means treating everybody right but also not giving them too much chance to overstep. People who have this lifestyle are usually well respected.



6. Being Helpful: people respect and admire people who help others. Helping others does not mean going over and above it simply means, doing something for somebody at the right time.





However, it is important to know the people that need help and those who want to exploit your help. Developing a helpful lifestyle is a very good way of making people respect you.



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