7 Types of Men You Should Never Marry if You Want to Live Longer

7 Types of Men You Should Never Marry if You Want to Live Longer



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Every woman looks forward to her wedding day. Right from when she is a little girl, she dreams of meeting her prince charming who will sweep her off her feet and make her the happiest woman in the world.




Well, weddings are beautiful but having a happy marriage is more important. In as much as it is not the duty of the woman to find a man to marry, it is her obligation to screen through the men who seek for her hand in marriage to avoid selecting the wrong man.


A bad marriage kills a woman! It can cut short a woman’s life span and may even lead to an early grave if she does not make the right choice right from the beginning.


So to avoid stories that touch the heart, make sure you don’t marry a man who has any of the qualities listed below:




Abusive man




Abusive men do not carry the word ‘ABUSE’ written on their foreheads. It is something you watch out for. No matter how he tries to hide it, an abusive man will surely exhibit a trait of this while dating. It could be an ‘ordinary’ slap in anger but that is a big red flag if you value your life. Once you get married, the slap will be replaced with kicking, beating and even murder.




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The womanizer


If you observe he flirts with everything in skirt, then he will definitely cheat on you if you marry him. If you ever caught him cheating on you while dating, be sure he will do it again in marriage. A man who cheats has no regard for woman and yours won’t be an exemption. Sometimes, you will even fight with other women in the name of fighting for your marriage like we have seen some women do lately. It’s a gloomy picture that can cut short your life span with heartbreak.




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An alcoholic and addict




Addiction to alcohol, drugs, or pornography will lead to destruction. Such men will turn violent and will never respect you. Most of the money he makes goes into satisfying his habit first and he will end up being selfish and will never care about your own needs. Alcohol and drugs will also make a man violent, please run for your life before it is too late.


Controlling and jealous man


What seems to be disguised early in a relationship as “I’m only trying to help,” can really be a deep need for control and a heart of jealousy. This man will dominate and strive to make every decision for you, decide who you should spend time or who you should no longer see. A man who is a control freak will want to change everything about you and that is not right. A controlling man may not be abusive physically but he will abuse you mentally, emotionally and socially and that is also worse.


A dishonest man



If you can’t believe every word he says, please don’t marry him. If says good morning and you need to check if it is true, please run for your life. A liar and dishonest man have no integrity. Such a man will put you in trouble that might even land you in jail if you marry him.


An unambitious broke guy


If a man is matured enough for marriage but still lives with his parents and is not making any effort to change that or get a meaningful job, please run! If he is always broke, asks you for money all the time and not making any effort at working hard to come out of poverty, save yourself the trouble and move on. If you marry him, he will frustrate your life! A jobless man who sleeps on the couch all day is a warning sign it will continue even in marriage. He is just poor and lazy to be taken seriously for marriage.


A man with many baby mamas



If he has more than three baby mamas, has not married any of them and his name is not Davido or Tuface, please ditch him! Well, just kidding about the celebrities! But seriously, if he tells you how all the baby mamas had faults and he comes out looking like a saint in the story, don’t swallow the bait. Those women and their children will always be a problem in your marriage if you end up marrying him.




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