9 wild photos of Destiny Etiko that no man can resist

9 wild photos of Destiny Etiko that no Nigerian man can resist



Nollywood actress Destiny Etiko is arguably one of the most beautiful actresses in Nigeria.

Destiny Etiko has carved a niche for herself due to her talent and hourglass shape.

Her acting skills plus her killer curves make her one the most highly sorted actress in Nigeria.

She was in the news some days ago, when reports went viral that she lost her Dad.

They actresses is very much single and I am sure she has more than a million men wanting to marry her.

I have gathered 9 wild photos of Destiny Etiko that show she has the beauty that no Nigerian man can resist.

1. Destiny Etiko is just beautiful



2.In this photo, Destiny Etiko shows her swag



3. She is not afraid to flaunt her ‘Natural blessings’



4. She looks gorgeous in this outfit



5. Destiny Etiko is really beautiful



6. Even without makeup, she still look gorgeous.



7. What is this okada man staring at?



8. She doesn’t need to smile to look beautiful



9. Destiny Etiko looks good with her smile



Isn’t she beautiful?

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