A Woman Who Mourned Her Son’s Death Was Accidentally Buried Alive, Here’s How It Happened


A Woman Who Mourned Her Son’s Death Was Accidentally Buried Alive, Here’s How It Happened

Please note that the pictures in this article are real and true apart from that of a funeral which is for illustrative purposes.Hi readers, it hurts to see when someone lost their loved ones and nothing pains a mother more than losing her child to the painful hands of death. The pains of losing a loved one can be devastating and it can lead to something tragic in return just like the case of Octavia Smith Hatcher.

Photo of Octavia Smith Hatcher

Octavia Smith Hatcher was a beautiful lady who lived in a town called Pikeville, she fell in love and got married to a man called James. She was just 20 years old when she got pregnant and gave birth to a cute baby called Jacob. The joy of becoming a mother overwhelmed Octavia but it wasn’t for long, just moments after Jacob was born, he died.

The grave of little Jacob

The early death of Jacob left Octavia depressed and pained, it hurt her so much that she fell into a long depression and she later landed in a coma. The husband thinking she was dead mourned her and they buried her quickly because she “died” in May when the weather was very hot.

Photo of a funeral

Her husband later noticed that people in the town were also fainting and later regaining their consciousness. He realized that his wife may have been a victim of that same sickness which made others lose their consciousness which means that he may have buried his wife alive.

They immediately rushed to her grave to dig it open and they were shocked by what they saw. Behold Octavia’s fingers were damaged and bloody and the coffin was designed with scratches all over. Her facial expression shows that she died a painful death.

Octavia was indeed buried alive and she died in her own grave perhaps out of the terror and panic of waking up in total darkness and lack of air so she probably suffocated to death. The death of Octavia left James in pain, he lost his son and his wife, if you’d ask me I will say that would hurt a lot.

(Photos of the grave of Octavia Smith Hatcher and her statue which was made by James)

A year after her death, James built an expensive statue of her at the top of her grave which still stands to date. James never remarried and he lived for many years before he finally died. There were many stories and rumors following the death of James including that of a bell tied with a rope and connected to his grave so he could ring the bell by dragging the rope in case he was buried alive.

It was very sad for James when they lost their son, it became sadder for him when Octavia was thought dead and buried, but there was nothing more painful and haunting than discovering that he buried his wife alive. That may be the reason why James refused to get married to another woman.

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