After Bishop Abioye’s Former Driver Converted To Islam, See His Throwback Photos

After Bishop Abioye’s Former Driver Converted To Islam, See His Throwback Photos

Islamic and Christian religion are religions which people knew throughout the world that allows peace to reign, and also shares the same love to each other as well. These religions are 100 per cent accepted by God, this means you are free to choose anyone among them and practice it so as to serve God.



There are million numbers of people in the world who are practicing Islamic and Christian religion, and they fund joy and happiness for practicing them. So, my advise to everyone who is reading this article is that, no matter the type of the religion you are practicing among these religions, you should know how to show love to your neighbor as the Holy Books has directed us to do.

Just because you are a Christian doesn’t mean you should not love Muslims, and just because you are a Muslim doesn’t mean you not care for your brothers and sisters who are Christians. We are all a family and we should always share the same love together as far we are all human being.

My today’s inspirational message to you made me remember in 2017 (three years ago), when Bishop Abioye’s former driver identified as Nicholas Martins, converted to Islamic religion and changed his name to Ismail Haruna. Even though he was sacked as Bishop Abioye’s driver after he converted to Islam, but thank for his life he is still practicing the religion till today.

See his throwback photos below:



Islam and Christianity is a peaceful religion, let’s serve them as God directed us to do and let there be no religious fight in our country. May Almighty God bless us all. Thanks for reading this article, and don’t forget to share it to your loved ones

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4 Thoughts to “After Bishop Abioye’s Former Driver Converted To Islam, See His Throwback Photos

  1. Utam

    A religion that force people to become members, you call it peaceful? Haba! I have seen where members of the islamic religion killed those who vehemently refused to become their members. Even those who became because of fear of the unknown were still killed in the time of war or rayoit.

  2. Theophilus Peters


  3. Aminu

    I am truly happy for you for following the true religion of Allah, only Allah is worthy of worship at all times and anywhere.

  4. Lolu Adebayo

    Làughable assumption. Boko Haram belongs to which religion? Íf all Islam or Quran preaches peace the followers expecially northern Nigeria DON’T, They call southern Muslim ÀRNI(Unbelievers) Mày GOD deliver us

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