After I Killed This Snake In My House, Then This Happened To My Boss (Fiction)

After I Killed This Snake In My House, Then This Happened To My Boss (Fiction)


How are you doing today? My name is J.K Atoyebi and I work in a poultry farm in Kwara State. And my boss is very nice though he is very strict with me. So recently something happened in my place of work.


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As I have said earlier, I work with a poultry farm that’s near my apartment. And we make a lot of customers in my place of work even though the payment is very low but at least I’m still living a good life.


But due to the Covid-19 pandemic I unfortunately lost my job and everything went off for me. To even get a daily meal to eat has turned out to be a problem for me.


That was not enough, my girlfriend also left me due to this. She left cause I couldn’t take good care of her.


On a faithful day while I was sleeping in my house, I started hearing some funny movements under my bed. And before I could even check under the bed, the strange animal crawled out and it was a big snake. I couldn’t even wait to scream for help, I immediately ran out of the house and and I called my neighbors for help. We were able to kill it and the most shocking part was that.


After the incident, there has been a new turn around in my life, I have even resumed work in another place that pays me times three of my previous salary. But just yesterday I got a call that my former boss has been hospitalized since the last day that I killed that snake in my house and he wants me to come and see him in the hospital.


Please what should I do?


Should I go and meet him?


Or should I continue leaving my life since everything is making sense for me now?


Please kindly share this to your friends and family so we can have a good conclusion together. Thanks for reading, I await your comments.

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