All Christians should see this picture and pray with it, with this Bible verse

All Christians should see this picture and pray with it, with this Bible verse



Believers are people who believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. They don’t just believe in Jesus Christ, they knew there is a place secured for them,when they depart this world and go to the other world.


However, before our departure away from this world,to the other world, our faith in Jesus Christ, made us believe that, Jesus Christ who is the author and finisher of our salvation, will always save or rescue us from every form of danger,even when thousands are being trouble, we his children will be saved under his radar.


All believers should take a good look at this picture, there is a river bank here. In this same picture, we have ten crocodiles and a Lamb.




We all know that, crocodiles are dangerous and wild animals, that eats flesh, both humans and animals’ flesh.




In their middle is a Lamb,being protected under the radar of God. If no Grace is following this Lamb, it can’t be sufficient for the ten crocodiles if they are to feed on it.


But because God’s Grace is following the Lamb,the crocodiles mouth were shut, just like the case of Daniel in the den of lions.


So, anywhere we believers go throughout this month, we should always have this Bible verses in our mind, as it will protect us from every danger.


Galatians chapter 6vs17, if says, “Henceforth,let no man trouble me, for I bare on my body the marks of Jesus Christ” .


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