Avoid Snake Meat Eating People, Here Is The Bad Thing That Happen To Them That May Affect You

Avoid Snake Meat Eating People, Here Is The Bad Thing That Happen To Them That May Affect You

You Will Never Reject Snake Meat Again After Reading This

Quick Questions. Are you scared of snakes? Have you ever eaten a snake?. Would you love to know how to make a well-prepared, delicious snake meat? If yes, Then this article is for you!

Picture of a roasted snake meat

Picture of a well-prepared snake meat Peppersoup

Snake meat is delicious. If you have not had one before, you should give it a try. Snake meat Peppersoup is one of my best delicacies. In this article I will show you what a well-prepared snake meat looks like. But before I do so, I will like to state this caveat. Sincerely, I hate to kill snakes. Any snake. Even the venomous species.

I am a realistic person. I know that venomous snakes are dangerous. Especially in an environment with lots of little children. I know you probably think that the only good snake in the world is a dead snake.

Well, like I said initially I do not like killing snakes unless I have no other option. If I eventually kill one or happen to stumble upon a dead snake, I will dang sure make it into a delicious cuisine for my consumption.

Without much ado let’s get started.

For me, there are two ways to prepare a delicious snake meal:

1. By peeling off the skin before cooking the snake.

2. By roasting the snake before cooking it.



In This Article, we wil use the number one method.

1. Before starting the whole process, the first thing you should do is wearing a hand glove. This is important because snakes like rattlesnake and python usually carry colonies of salmonella and other types of bacteria on their skin. Hence, to protect yourself, please wear a hand glove.



After wearing your gloves, Cut off the head of the snake. then use scissors to cut through the skin of snake like so.

2. Use a sharp knife to start removing the skin at both the head and the tail.

Then use your hand to or peel off the skin like so:

3. After removing the skin. Pull out the intestine or entrails from the body. This is not difficult. The entrails should all come out in a single peice.

Be careful not to burst the “black bean” also known as the gall bladder. If you do, rinse the whole body with water immediately. Because the gall bladder can cause a serious stain on the meat and might even affect the the final taste.

4. Now go ahead and dice the snake meat into pieces like so. You can choose to dice it into smaller pieces. It is entirely your choice.

5. Once you have it chopped or diced. You can choose what you want to do with it. You can choose to put it in your traditional soup, or in your stew or even use it to make delicious peppersoup.

More so, you can fry it. Have a look at a well-fried snake meat.

See pictures of some other delicacies that were prepared with snake meat.

Many persons hate eating Snake meat because they think it’s venom can still poison them even after cooking the snake.

This is wrong thinking, because the venom from a snake cannot withstand heat. It is automatically destroyed when you cook the snake meat.

More so, snake venom cannot affect you when you eat it, it can only affect you when it is directly injected into your blood stream. So please don’t ever reject a snake meat again. It is totally safe to eat

Please Note: Snakes do a fine job keeping the world free of unnecessary rodents; don’t kill them unless absolutely necessary! That said, if you do kill a snake, or find one dead, don’t let it go to waste. Use any of our methods above to prepare a delicious snake meal for yourself.

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