Babies With Tattoo, How It May Affect There Spirit Parents May Not Like

Babies With Tattoo, How It May Affect There Spirit Parents May Not Like


The act of making tattoos on the body which is also known as body tattooing have become rampant and has also gone to the extreme. First it is needful to know what body tattooing is all about, precisely in the 18th century it meant “to strike”. It is the act or processing of making design into the second layer of the skin known as epidermis which is done by inserting dyes or even inks which could be temporary or permanent. Tattooing is not just done so easily but you will have to endure pains because it usually involves some sort of piercing into skin. 

From my research I have come to discover that Tattooing is basically under three categories namely;

1. Tattooing with no specific meaning at all known to be “Purely Decorative”

2. These are tattoos on the skins which considerable have specific meaning known to the wearer of it and others who understands it. The tattoo is seen to be symbolic.

3. The tattoo worn tend to portray someone or rather a term. They are known to be pictorial.



Apart from the categories mentioned above other reasons for tattooing can be given too. Some reasons why people tend to tattoo includes for identification as it could be to identify animals too especially in farming and trading, also for slaves in the ancient times so their owners could easily identify them as they are been transported together.

Others symbols and reasons for tattooing includes marks of status especially in the ancient Royal family to demarcate the slaves and the royalties, marks of ranks. It was also used for rites especially between one is passing from one age to the other . Others including for sexual lures of opposite partners, marks to show fertility. Worthy of notes is the fact that it was also used as medium of punishment. Many other reasons abound for the inserting of body tattoos and they differ from countries,cultures and place.

From the present it could be seen that many people just put up a tattoo for attraction or for the fun of having one. But the major concern is the issue of inserting heavy tattoos on babies mostly forcefully because of a truth the baby is not even aware of what going on, the parents also tend to forget the side effects of tattoos on humans generally.



Human skins could be allergic to tattoos, which could be the resultant effect of applying tattoos on babies in years to come. It could eventually lead to Skin infections,blood borne diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis, Tetanus. There could also be burning and swelling which are the few side effects of tattooing as there are whole lots. As a person you could seen what a parents can bring upon a baby or a child and this can have an adverse effects in their overall well being as some might grow up not to even like it but must leave with it.

Of recent I have come across lot of pictures on the Internet showing how little babies and children with heavy tattoos on their bodies. I have decided to share to share them here and to know your opinion toward tattooing ba baby or a child.

More photos of babies and children with heavily tattooed.







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