Becareful! Why you should stop meeting with ladies who urinates before S€x

Becareful! Why you should stop meeting with ladies who urinates before S€x


What some didn’t know about s^x is that s^x does not like dirt. Many ladies are dirty to the extent that for them to wash their genitals off immediately after urinating will be difficult.




A lady can harbour infections around her genitals for years without even affecting her while this not so for guys.


Ladies proximity of infection is lengthy than than of guy,, that is, a lady can harbour infections for many years while guys cannot, that’s why you can easily contact HIV with an infected lady within less than a month of contacting with her.


Lady who urinate without frequent washing of her genitals put her own health and the health of her partner at risk.




The likely worrisome infection a guy can contact from a lady who doesn’t wash her genitals all the time are gonorrhea and genital warts.


Gonorrhoea is a life threatening infection if proper care is it taking care of, and one of the most painful symptom is that whenever you urinate, you feel pains on your penile region, p^nis, and this can cause you a lot discomforts which will require an antibiotics before it can heal.




Another discomfort infection is genital warts, and it’s symptom is that you will see bumps around your genital area as a guy, if you don’t wash you p^nis off immediately you meet with her, there is higher chances of contacting genital warts.


Some genital warts requires antibiotics while some goes on their own if you practice proper hygiene.


So before you meet any lady, let her wash, even bath before any affairs so as to avoid these two aforementioned threatening and discomforting infections.

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