Before Boarding Any Tricycle, 4 Safety Tips To Take Danger Away From You

Before Boarding Any Tricycle, 4 Safety Tips To Take Danger Away From You



Tricycle is one means of transportation that has taken over in most states. Many Nigerians now choose to board tricycles whenever they are going to any place within their state. But the truth is that, boarding a Tricycle comes with it’s own security risks.

In this article, I’m going to enlighten you on the 4 safety tips you must take note before boarding any tricycle. But first I’ll show you the 4 ways Tricycles are used to perpetrate evil on unsuspecting individuals.

Below are the 4 Ways Tricycles are Used to perpetrate evil on Unsuspecting individuals;

1.Some of the members of the fraudulent group might stand outside and be waiting while the driver of the tricycle will be picking up passengers. When it’s about to get full, they will now hop in to perpetrate the evil they’ve been planning.

2. They may ask you sit inside or in the middle so that they will be by your left and right thus making it impossible for you to shout or make enough noise when they start doing their deeds. Most times, they carry the victim to unknown destinations.



3. In less severe cases, they introduce fraudulent business proposal with which they intend to charm you with or convince you. You need to be wary especially women.

4. A co-passenger may pretend to have forgotten something of which their plan is to take you to remote area to perpetrate their evil or kill you possibly. Make sure you raise an alarm or alight when they cook up such a story.

How to Overcome Them and Be safe;



1. Don’t agree or alight when they bring up the idea of going through an unknown pathway either because a co-passenger forgot something or they are trying to get a shortcut.

2. Don’t interfere or discuss any business idea with a passenger you don’t know about. It is even better if you keep quiet.

3. Don’t trust any co-passenger even if you saw when he or she came in.

4. Don’t agree to sit in between two people especially if they are men and you are a woman. This applies to men also. Please be careful life is more important.

Please take note of the above safety tips and do well to follow this handle for more updates. I love you!

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