Before She Drank 2 Bottles Of Sniper, Message She Shared That Will Make All Of Us Check On Our Friends

A Young Lady, Oge Obi Has Reportedly Drank 2 Bottles Of Sniper, See The Last Video She Shared

There’s an ongoing ‘wahala’ on Twitter after a young girl identified as Ogey reportedly drank two bottles of sniper to end her life. She shared a video on Twitter where she was seen crying and apologizing to her friends and loved ones for what she’s about to do.





Tweets coming in from users moments after she posted the video reports that she has been rushed to a hospital after they forcefully broke her door and found her lying on the floor.





While there are more to come on the reason why she did it, it was said that a young lady identified as Kiki took all the credits for their work and earned a BBC award.





Oge Obi is a young journalist who is said to have been working with BBC as well as her friend Kiki. Recent tweets from her before she shared the video that’s currently spreading on Twitter reveals more of the back story.





She shared these tweets not too long ago saying that she gives up.

Her last tweet before she shared the video after which she reportedly drank two bottles of sniper shows her asking the type of poison she would take.



Some of her friends who reacted to the tweet thought it was a joking matter until she posted a video of herself crying and apologizing for what she’s about to do.

Photos of reactions from Twitter users after she shared the video.





While there may be more reports to come in on this, send your prayers to Oge Obi.

CLICK HERE to watch the video.

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