Below Are 4 of the world’s biggest secrets you will never know about

Below Are 4 of the world’s biggest secrets you will never know about


There are some secrets which can never be revealed, no matter how much you try to research, these secrets are better taken to the grave. 

Below are 4 of the worlds biggest secret you will never know about.

1. The Coca-cola secret formula

The secret to making Coca-Cola is one of the top secret of the world, only two employees know about the secret, and they are never allowed to travel on the same plane, incase the plane crashes. 

Coca-Cola had to cancel their operations in India, because the government tried forcing them to reveal the secret formular.

2. Adolf Hitler’s death


While the world thought Hitler’s death was by self harm in an underground bunker, in 1945, from evidence provided by the FBI, he was very much alive till the end of the world war 2, which FBI had kept a secret.

3. Hiv/Aids


Since Hiv/Aids originated in 1980, there has been theories and debate as to where it exactly originated from, some say it’s has its origin from Africa, others says it was originated by scientist as a bio weapon.its origin is among the world’s too secret. 

4. KFC meal and recipe


KFC has successfully kept their 11 secret recipe ingredients for years, with no intention of being disclosed. It’s believed that the ingredients are locked up in a vault and only the top officials have access to it .

Do not waste your time trying to Google these scerets, you will never find the genuine answers.

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