Can You Ride This Air Train, No Driver Is Needed You Will Drive It Yourself

Checkout Out Incredible Photos Of The Chinese Air-Rail That Doesn’t Need A Driver.

China has developed a form of unmanned, levitating monorail train. The China Railway Science and Industry Group Corp is the foremost Chinese cooperation that handles such projects. The train itself is a skytrain with a maximum capacity of approximately 400 and 1000 passengers.


Technological breakthroughs have been received positively over the last century in the country. It would be inappropriate to attribute all technological advances that enrich mans lives to the new set of innovators.

We invent almost everything easily due to the improving level of intellect and a large array of research resources that have been made available.

Today, we have technological advancements which are capable of generation trading things like hotcakes. Hopefully, Africa will soon acquires this type of technology to enable traffic and reduce congestion.


Aerial undergrounds trains do not move quickly. This is the type used mostly by African countries. The highest speed achievable is 80 kilometers per hour.

Check out photos.


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