Could This Be Natural Or Artificial? See 15 Photos Of Tanzania Model With Curves

See 15 Hot Pictures Of Curvy Tanzanian Model Sanchoka Showing Her Backside


Sachi as popularly known by her fans is a Tanzanian model. She is popularly known to be among one of the endowed and curvaceous ladies in Africa. She always posts sultry pictures of herself on her Instagram page showing her endowed body and curves. 

Sanchoka was born in Tanzania, kilomanjaro to be precise. She was born in 24th june. She is also the last born in the family of 6 children. She has a bachelors degree in banking and finance.


She is a model, actress, business woman, CEO, brand ambassador, host, social and media personality, Designer and socialite.

She won the crown of miss Bantu kilomanjaro in 2010, the endowed lady Is the ‘Special World Bantu Envoy’ by the union of all bantu people in Africa.


She has also worked with top modeling agencies, artists, business people, big photographers, producers and directors.

Sachi has a lot of followers on her Instagram page. Always because of the sultry post she always post on her Instagram page showing her big backside.

See more hot pictures of sachoka below:




So what do you think? Do you love this beautiful and endowned Tanzanian model? If you do drop some accolades for her in the comment section.

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