Dear Men, If Your Wife Is Pregnant, Please Always Do These 8 Things For Her

Dear Men, If Your Wife Is Pregnant, Please Always Do These 8 Things For Her.


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The major dream or aspiration, of every married couple is to have children of their own, who would run around the house and make a lot of noise. Children are a gift from God and every couple deserves to experience the joys of parenthood. Women are the fruit bearers who are destined to carry the children in their wombs for about 9 months.




As a very loving man, who longs to take good care of his wife, you should know that a pregnant lady is very delicate and vulnerable. In fact, they go through hell all through the 9 months period of their pregnancies. I’m pretty sure that no man can be able to do what women do when they are pregnant or pushing out the child in the labour room.




That’s why a woman who is pregnant deserves to be pampered by her husband and all those around her because she is going through a difficult phase in her life. In this article I’ll be telling you, 8 things you should always be doing for your wife whenever she is pregnant. See them below:


1. Do all the simple house chores like washing of plates and clothes for her.





If your wife is pregnant, please do not let her do difficult house chores. If possible, hire a house help for her sake, especially if you know you can’t do it yourself


2. Massage her feet and other parts of her body every day.



A pregnant woman is usually very tired a worn out even if she doesn’t do any thing all day. She is always tired and need resting, that is why she needs to be massaged.


3. Whenever you go out or go to work, make sure to call her once in 2 or 3 hours.





Always check on your wife whenever you are not with her incase of an emergency.


4. Be patient with her always.


Pregnant women are usually hot tempered and they nag a lot, so you have to be extremely patient and understanding with her. Do not make her cry.


5. Always do or say funny things to make her laugh or lighten her mood.




You should always try to make your wife happy and be in a good mood always. Being in a bad mood can affect her health badly.


6. Cook her favourite Dishes for her when she is hungry.



Try to go into the kitchen once in a while and prepare delicious dishes for her to eat and enjoy. It will boost her morale.


7. But her surprise gifts or presents very often.




Your wife will be very happy whenever you buy her surprise presents or gifts. Try to do this once in two weeks.


8. Speak or talk to the baby in her stomach.




Research has shown that when pregnant couples speak to their unborn baby always, it helps a lot to boost their connection.

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