Dear men, you can satisfy any woman by simply doing these 5 things

Dear men, you can satisfy any woman by simply doing these 5 things

No problem exists that doesn’t have a solution. I will never agree that you can’t satisfy a woman. Normally, women can be difficult to satisfy but there are some ways you can satisfy them.

Although, we have some women that give their partner hard time when it comes to satisfying them and guys find it disheartening. It is like putting one’s effort into something and in the end, the result is not encouraging.




Dear men, you can easily satisfy any woman by simply doing these 5 things.


1. Let her know how much you enjoy her company.





Most girls find it heartbroken when their presence is not appreciated and that’s why it always seems that they are not satisfied. Once you start acknowledging her presence, she will have no problem with you and you won’t find it hard to satisfy her either.


2. Invest in your love.

Don’t wait until she asks you to take her out, buy her gifts, take her to a fancy place, and so on. You should invest in your love even if it is little you have. Don’t make her feel lonely and unhappy. How can you satisfy a girl when you’re like this? The little you can invest in your love is enough to make her satisfied, it is not until you buy expensive things for her.


3. Let her see the romantic side of you.



Girls like it when a guy is romantic to them. If you just frown, handle her roughly, you will never be able to satisfy her. Take your time, let her see how romantic you. Get her flowers and handle her with care. Through this way, you can satisfy any girl.


4. Respect her.

Don’t belittle her, and most importantly, don’t disrespect her. Respecting a woman comes with a lot of benefits. She will find it hard to disrespect you too, she won’t do things that will hurt you and most importantly, she will always appreciate and feel okay with everything you give her.


5. Compliment her with a sincere heart.

A girl is meant to be at your side to help you, not be your maid. If she is helping you by washing your clothes, thank her, and if she does things in your stead compliment her with a sincere heart. It is her responsibility but still complements her.


If you have any reservations, questions, and comments, do well to use the comment box.

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  1. I really appreciate your effort, because I have learnt a lot from that

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