Dear Parents: Please Never Allow Your Kids To Watch These Six(6) American Movies (Photos)

Dear Parents: Please Never Allow Your Kids To Watch These Six(6) American Movies (Photos)

As young boys and girls, most of the things that we watch in movies usually sticks to our head for so long. And most of the time it’s what we watch in movies that we tend to act on. And as many of the movies were supposedly family-friendly, our parents didn’t pay too much attention either but they really should have!

Movies that children view most of the time also affects their psychological reasoning as well as their thinking.

But parents, guardians and teachers can help to reduce this vulgar, and scary contents are not placed within the reach of children as this will also affects our society positively. Also, the children’s social life and the people they mix with should be checked thoroughly.

Parents, I’ll be showing to you six American movies that you should never allow your kids to watch so you don’t complicate things and don’t damage their psychological reasoning and mentality. At the end of this article be sure to share this to as many as you can reach so we can stop engaging the lives of our children to negative things.

Now let’s dive into it:

1. Spartacus: this is a movie that contains a lot of plain romantic scenes and allowing your kids to watch this can somehow destroy their lives.

2. Under the skin:

If you have seen this movie before then you will understand what I’m saying. Sincerely you will want to avoid your kids from viewing this because the story line is mostly about seduction.

3. The Little Hours: let not your kids see this movie as it will send a wrong signal to them because it contains a lot of vulgar scenes.

4. Fifty Shades Of Grey

The movie is a blend of erotic, romantic and comedy. It has a lot of negative reviews. And you might not want to show this to your kids.

5. Boogie Nights

Boogie Nights is a great movie with some great performances but the inappropriate scene are just too much.

6. Pirates Stagnettis: it is a movie full of rated scene from the beginning to the end of the movie. Children should be discouraged to watch this movies.

There are still many more. These are just the few that I selected so as not to bore you. Thank you all for your time and don’t hesitate to share this with your friends. Happy weekend!!!

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