Dirty Secrets About Tonto Dikeh That You Never Knew Of

Tonto Dikeh is a Nigerian actress, singer, and philanthropist, born 9 June 1985 in Rivers State. The controversial actress is of Ikwerre descent, a subgroup of the Igbo tribe.

Tonto Dikeh is always in the limelight for her boldness and her ‘Kinging.’ She earned the name ‘Drama Queen’ for herself following repeated outbursts, clap backs, and subtle shades.

It would seem like she is always in the news for the wrong reasons and she doesn’t mind. She thrives in spite of the odds. She broke the internet when she broke up with her husband and called him a 40 minutes man. She also accused him of so much that shocked her fans and Nigerians.

In this article, we will be exposing some open secrets about the actress that you may not have known.

Chain Smoker

The talented actress started smoking when she was 14. It was no secret in the industry that she was a habitual smoker. However, after prayers with T.B Joshua, the pastor of The Synagogue, she confessed that she had quit the habit.

Relationship and Marital Life

Tonto has been linked romantically to a lot of celebrities including Iyanya, Wizkid, and 2Face. However, at the ELOY Awards, she made an entrance flanked by Sexy Steel and Michael Awolaja.

Michael was the jeweler behind Tonto’s customized Rolexes and diamond iPhones. In her acceptance speech, she revealed that they were together but unfortunately their relationship turned sour after a while.

She met Churchill Olakunle at his brother’s birthday party back in 2014, became pregnant for him 3 months after, and they got married almost immediately. However, the marriage was not so rosy as there were claims of falsity, ranging from domestic violence to false allegations.”

They broke up in 2016 at a house Churchill newly acquired for his mother in Lekki, Lagos State. The angered actress reportedly destroyed a lot of properties before packing her belongings and departed with their only son.

After the period, she accused her husband of being a fetish, uses jazz. She claimed that she usually woke up to see fetish things under her pillow, under her son’s bed, on his navel.

She also claimed that her husband was broke and that she sponsored their wedding. She revealed that she bought and made the asoebi that was worn by her husband, his mum, and some of his family members.

She accused him of being a yahoo boy whom she caught in the middle of a red candle with a laptop in his lap and a red cloth tied around his waist. She also disclosed that he was a 40 seconds man. According to her, he can’t stay inside a woman for more than 40 seconds.

Tonto confirmed there were cracks in her 17-month-old marriage in February 2017. By June 2017, Tonto’s dad returned her traditional marriage bride price to his ex-son-in-law.

Tonto Dikeh fought with her being for the custody of her son and after she won sole custody, she removed his father’s name from his certificates and document. She was granted full custody of their son and gave Churchill conditional visitation rights.

The actress also revealed that her son thinks his father is dead.

Was Jealous of Mercy Johnson

She had a bad fight with Mercy Johnson which according to reports was due to demand. Mercy Johnson had taken time off to give birth to her daughter Purity during which time, Tonto must have made so much mulla.

After Johnson’s return reports say that the already present rivalry escalated, with Tonto Dike taking a stab at her and her husband. This led to a backlash, but it’s safe to say that she has developed a tough skin for the critics.

However, the actress came out boldly to confess that her feud with Mercy was based on Jealousy, she apologized and ended the long-lasting quarrel.

Attempted suicide

On a sad note, Tonto Dike revealed that she had attempted suicide. She later wrote on a social page about it encouraging people to talk to God about their problems if they have no one else and that people are bigger than their pains and problems and that suicide is for cowards.

Has an insane number of tattoos

She is a big fan of body arts and has a large tattoo on her back which people have attributed to having an Illuminati element to it. She also has 57 letters tattooed on her body, 57 stars, and 570 lines and curves as well.

She admits to being in love with her body and showed off her back tattoo to the world on her Twitter page. Tonto Dikeh revealed that she was ashamed of her body after giving birth, underwent a much-publicized beauty surgery which she said cost N5 million.

She bleached her skin

The light-skinned diva has admitted to bleaching her skin but says the key is in doing it right to avoid the health implication. She gave her reason for bleaching as wanting to enhance her skin’s lightness as she likes being fair. However, many believe this was an attempt to make her more eligible for movie roles

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