Do These And No One Can Ever Hack Your Facebook And WhatsApp Accounts

Step By Step Guide On How To Secure Your Whatsapp And Facebook Accounts From Being Hacked




The most popular fraudulent activity right now is people jumping on your WhatsApp or facebook Account, hack them and start defrauding your friends. Most of the times when you try as much as possible to retrieve back the account, you will end up not being able to do so because there were fast to change every login details on your account. In this article, I’m going to show you how to secure your account in such a way that even if it’s hacked, you can get it back.


The most annoying part of Account hacking is the fact that the hacker will end up painting your image black in the presence of your people. As Soon as they hack your account, they will start sending your friends DM telling them about one investment where you need to invest like 20k to get 40k in 2hours. The reason why they chose to hack people’s accounts is because they feel that your Facebook or Whatsapp friends would trust you enough to buy whichever idea you bring before them. Some of them will update post on your profile talking about how they got paid for investing in the business and all of that. Now this is what they do to convince you. As soon as they hack into the account, they will add up their people so that as soon as the hacker update the post, those added friends will start commenting how they got paid from the investment. If an external person drop any comment suggesting that, he/she knows they are scammers, they will delete such comment and block the person.


In order to avoid your account from being hacked, I have decided to show you what to do: first we start from WhatsApp.


How to protect your WhatsApp account from being hacked:


To protect your WhatsApp account from being hacked, simply do the following;


✓ When you login to your WhatsApp, click on the three dots at the top right corner (Menu bar) for the drop down menu.


✓ When the drop down menu drops, click on setting


✓When it loads, click on Account


✓ Select Two-Factor-Authentication and activate it. They will request you to create password which you need to confirm, do it and your account is now secured. Anytime anyone want to login to your account, they will request for the password you created.


See screenshots;












How to protect your Facebook account from being hacked.


There are two ways to protect your Facebook account:


1. Trusted contacts


2. Two-Factor-Authentication


Trusted contacts


Trusted contacts is a service provided by Facebook to help users retrieve their account incase it is hacked. If you activate your trusted contacts, even if someone hack your account and change every details there, you will still be able to retrieve it back. Trusted contacts is an avenue where you are at liberty to add up to five of your trusted friends on your Facebook account. When you add these trusted friend, anytime your account is hacked, you simply tell them to generate code from their Facebook for you. You need to enter those codes on your account retrieval page to be able to have access to the account again.


There is something I want you to note here, the maximum number of friends you can add is 5 while the minimum is 3. I will recommend you to use 3 Friends because of the stress of reaching them when the time comes. Do not add someone whose account is not protected to your trusted contacts because if the account of that person is hacked along the line, you won’t be able to get the code from him/her and if the 3 codes is not complete, Facebook won’t retrieve your account for you. Incase any their accounts is hacked along the line, quickly replace the person on your trusted contacts list.


How to activate trusted contacts


Login to your Facebook account.


✓ click on the 3 dots at the top right corner (Menu bar)


✓ When it drops down, navigate to “settings” and click


✓ Navigate to “Security and login” and click to open


✓ Navigate to “Choose 3 to 5 friends to contact if you get locked out and click to open


✓ If it requires your password, enter your Facebook password and it will take you to the interface where you need to enter your trusted friends. All you have to do is to use the search column and enter the exact name of the friend you want to add click on it when the name appears. Note: sometimes, facebook may tell you the name doesn’t exist even when you are 100% correct with the name; not to worry, you can search manually by navigating from pages to pages if you so much trust that friend. As soon as you see the name, ok it and it’s added. Add the other 2 and submit. That’s it, anytime your account is hacked, go to Facebook account recovery page, they will ask you to enter a name from your trusted contacts; once you enter it correctly, they will all display. Make your request from there and contact those people to login to their account and send you the code on their notification.


check screenshots;








This is the ogbonge padluck that stops every thieves from stealing your account. When you activate it, Facebook will log you out of all other browsers so that you can login again. Once it is activated, whoever tries to login to your account, facebook will send you login code. (Just like bank OTP). Without that code, they can’t login. Even if you yourself want to login from a new device, you must enter the code to be able to login.


How to activate Two-Factor-Authentication


Login to your Facebook account.


✓ click on the 3 dots at the top right corner (Menu bar)


✓ When it drops down, navigate to “settings” and click


✓ Navigate to “Security and login” and click to open


✓ Navigate to “Use Two-Factor-Authentication and click.


✓ It will require for your password. Enter your Facebook password, navigate to “Use Text Messages” and click to open.


✓ It will take you to where you need to confirm your phone number. Confirm it and submit.



✓ Facebook will send you a verification code to be sure you are the owner of that number. Enter the code and submit. It’s done. Two-Factor-Authentication is now ON. Anyone that attempt to login to your account, you will be notified.


I will recommend you to also turn on the app notification option above the “Use Two-Factor-Authentication” so that you can be notified on Facebook if any one attempt to login to your account.


check screenshots;









Additional information:


Sometimes you may want to login through a new device and Facebook will require you to enter the code sent to you but the code won’t come. If you wait for the code for 1 minute and it didn’t come, click on “Trouble logging in?” And select the option that says ” Send me the code through SMS”. They will send it immediately.

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