Don’t Do These To Your Mother, If You Have Good Conscience

Don’t Do These To Your Mother, If You Have Good Conscience

Who is a mother?

A mother is a woman who cries for her children to smile. A mother is that woman whose heart is made of gold towards her children. A mother is that woman who prefer to sleep hungry to make sure her children eats. A mother is that special woman who is ready to walk naked just for you to be clothed. A mother is that woman of virtue, through whom you were birthed. The definitions of a mother has no end.

If there should be a number 2 person in your life after God, then that person is your mother. Your mother holds 50% of your destiny because if she had aborted you, you wouldn’t have been alive to see today. That you are what you are today, is the product of your mother’s prayers. She always wish you well. She pray for you day and night to ensure you become somebody in life.

Now that you have arrived, you decide to turn your mother into a piece of garbage. I don’t know who is reading this, but I know I am talking to someone. That wife you marry is a visitor to your family. That she becomes a part of you doesn’t mean she should be placed above your mother. You got married to your wife and all of a sudden, your activities towards to family changed. Before you send money to the woman that gave birth to you, you have to take permission from that visitor you called wife. Then she will now spread on the couch and authoritatively advise you not to send her the money or to reduce the amount you intend sending her. She now dictate to you when and how you are suppose to go and see your mother.

Because of your wife, you stopped your mother from visiting you. You stopped calling her or sending her money for up keep. Why doing this to your mother?? Where has your conscience gone to?? You looked into the eyes of the woman who gave birth to you and call her a witch simply because your wife or some soothsayers cooked a story you shouldn’t have believe. Why doing this to your mother?? Where has your heart gone to??.

There is something you forget so soon. You have forgotten that the prayers your wife pray for you can not do 1/5 of what your mother’s prayers can do for you. I’m writing this article because of those who have forsaken their mothers. Your mother is sleeping in a thached house and you are comfortably living in a duplex in town and you can sleep well? Her house has no roof, the rain disturbs her on a daily basis and you don’t care. When she eventually dies out of sufferings; the same you will build a house for her In the village during her burial. Whom are you mocking??.

That same woman who would prefer to sleep hungry so that you can eat something for the night is currently hungry in the village and all you can do is to go about donating millions of Nairas to Churches and Mosques. Do you think God accept such money?? When it is obvious you can’t use your money to take care of your home. I know you must have forgotten the saying that says “Charity begins at home” Where is your conscience??.

There is something I want you to know. No matter how soothsayers paint your mother black, know that if she is as bad as they paint her, she would have killed you right from your young age. She can not suddenly become your enemy now that she is about to reap the fruit of her labour. Dear reader, even if you are not yet a victim of this, please if you have conscience, do not treat your mother like this. Don’t place more priority on your wife than your mother because your mother is your first love. Treat her well; make her enjoy the fruits of her labour. Don’t send her money only when she is sick because hunger sometimes lead to sickness. Make her feel the joy of motherhood. In summary, here are things you shouldn’t do to your mother if you have conscience;

1. Don’t Forsake her.

2. Don’t touch her

3. Don’t insult her

4. Don’t starve her

5. Don’t love her less

If you know there is someone that need to get this message, please share this article and say something nice about your mother in the comment section even if she is late already.

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