Don’t Throw Mango Seeds Away After Eating The Flesh – See How You Can Use The Seeds

Don’t Throw Mango Seeds Away After Eating The Flesh – See How You Can Use The Seeds

It’s really amazing to know that almost every parts of a whole mango fruit is important, including the seeds.

So if you always throw mango seeds away after eating the flesh, then you may have been making mistake.

This article will show you how you can use the mango seeds for it’s best benefits in human health and personal care.

How Do We Know Mango Seeds?

A mango seed is the inner most part of a whole mango fruit, usually stonny, which we do regard as waste after eating the fleshy outer part of the mango fruit.

How Can We Use Mango Seeds?

The mango seeds can be used mostly in two forms:

? Processing the seeds into mango seed powder, oil, or butter, depending on how it’s processed.

? Eating the raw, soft seeds of the unripe mango

The drupe of unripe mango is always soft, and easy to break to get it’s seed. Unlike the drupe of a ripe mango which is always hard and contains seed that is always a bit bitter.

The Benefits Of Mango Seeds
Mango seeds can be beneficial both skin, hair, and health of individual.

1.Takes Care Of Dandruff

Mango seed can be used to get rid of dandruff. To achieve this, the mango seed butter is being applied on the hair for luster and strength.

Mango Butter is a rich natural fat derived from the seeds contained inside the pits of the Mango fruit.

You can also mix it with mustard oil and leave it out in the sun for few days.

This mixture can be used to control alopecia, hair loss, early greying and dandruff.

2. Healthy Teeth

Mango seed powder can be used to brush the teeth to achieve healthy Teeth.

In case you don’t know how to prepare mango seed powder, check my previous article here tittled, “How To Use Mango Seed Powder To Cure Pimples Or Acne”.

Don’t Throw Mango Seeds Away After Eating The Flesh? See How You Can Use The Seeds

To Cure diarrhea it dysentery, mango seed powder is to be taken in doses of 1 – 2 grams with honey, three times a day.

4. Weight Reduction

Mango seed powder helps to reduce excess weight, and takes care of obesity.

5. Reduces Cholesterol Levels

Since Mango seed Powder boosts blood circulation, it then helps to reduce cholesterol, hence lowering blood sugar levels.

6. Reduces The Risk Of Diabetes

Since mango seed powder reduces cholesterol levels, it then has also the ability to reduce the risk of Diabetes.

7. It takes care of heart diseases

Mango seed powder reduces the risk of heart diseases, and hypertension.

So when next you eat mango, don’t throw them away, because they are important more than you can imagine.

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