Ebira Women Are Beautiful But Before You Marry Them, Know The Following About Them

Ebira Women Are Beautiful But Before You Marry Them, Know The Following About Them

Ebira Women are Beautiful But Before You Marry Them, Know The Following.

Note that the images used in this article are for illustrative purposes only.

Ebira is a tribe in Kogi State Nigeria who are found majorly in five Local Governments areas of the State (Okehi, Ajaokuta, Okene, Ogorimagongo and Adavi). Aside Kogi State, they are also spread accross other States especially Ondo and Ekiti State.


Their women are extremely beautiful and are easily attracted to men. Their beauty could make you fall in love with them at first sight.

In as much as they are beautiful and attractive, there are things you need to know about them before you decide to marry from there. The reason is to brace you up on what is expected of you during the marriage. For that reason, you need to note the following things;


1. The tribe is dominated by Islam which means most of these beautiful Ebira women you are seeing are Moslems. They are not just Muslims but devoted Moslems who hardly get converted through Marriage.

2. If you are interested in marrying an Ebira Lady, it is not your duty to inform her family of your intention. While in most tribes, the man mostly walk up to the lady’s family to declare him intention, in Ebira tradition, it is the family members of the man that does that. The man is not expected to go with them.

3. (a) During Marriage introduction which is known by Ebiras as “ISE EWERE”, his family proceeds to their in-law’s house for some introductory rites.

(b) During the introduction, the family of the bride provide foods and drinks to entertain their visitors.

(c) During the introduction, the groom’s family are to provide some items which includes;

✓ 100 Tubers of Yam

✓ Dried Fish And Bush Meat

✓ Drinks

✓ Kolanut

✓ Palm Oil

✓ Bag of Salt

✓ Groundnut Oil

✓ Pieces of Jewelry and Adornment for the bride

✓ Clothing materials in a Box for the bride.

✓ Two wrappers for the bride (Optional)

✓ Money for the clan and elders of the family.


Something about these items is that, it is not traditionally mandatory because it is dependent on the decision of the bride’s family. If they want the Marriage to be less on the their in-laws based on understanding, they might forfeit the items.

Another thing to note about the items is that, most of them are shared among their extended family and neighbors so that they could pray for the couple.

4. Bride Price


Bride Price is determined my the family of the bride and they mostly consider the financial strength of the groom.

Meanwhile, there are some money that must be paid according to tradition;

1. “OZEMEIYI”. This is the money paid to prove that the groom is attracted to the bride.

2. “OTANUGOVEI” It is the money paid for the joining together of the couple’s hands.

3. “IDOZA” In the olden days, the man that is interested in their daughter had to help his in-law on the farm but these days, money is being paid to replace that. The money to be paid for that is the “IDOZA”.

Those are the most important things you should know about Ebira women and their Marriage before you proceed to marrying them.

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11 Thoughts to “Ebira Women Are Beautiful But Before You Marry Them, Know The Following About Them

  1. A beautiful article about the Ebira’s. Very loving and accommodating people.

  2. Mike O Mike


  3. Yakubu jibril

    Am proudly ebira to the core

  4. Soulblez

    I’m sorry to say that you are wrong, most especially the items you mentioned in your list… Check well before broadcasting thank you.

  5. Mike

    Nice write up👍♥️



  7. Mustapha Abubakar

    They have beautiful girls. But one thing about them is babalawo.they mostly believes in babalawo. Ebira girls no vex oooooo.

  8. Patrick

    Number 2 is called OTANUVOGE

  9. ibrahim hassan


  10. Ozi Adeku

    Just a point of correction. On the religious status of Ebira ladies, it’s not that majority are Moslem, because not all the ladies of Ebira extraction with Moslem names are actually Moslem. Many who bear Moslem names are practicing Christian’s. The idea Islamic names is more of tradition. And Christianity don’t lay emphasis on change of name upon conversion from another religion to Christianity, as it’s the practice in Islam.
    For instance, all my parents, grandparents bear Islamic names, but none has ever been a Moslem.
    So, if you are interested in an Ebira lady, don’t let her Moslem name chase you away, because that Kadijat might just be a hardline, practicing Christian.

  11. Mohammed Yakubu

    Nice points but the first point is no longer strong as some who are deeply in love wouldn’t mind giving up their religion for love

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