Fiction: A Lady Gave a Beggar Food, After Some Time, He Gave Her a Letter That Left Her In Tears

Fiction: A Lady Gave a Beggar Food, After Some Time, He Gave Her a Letter That Left Her In Tears


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This is a fictional story of a lady that helped a beggar with food and after some time, the beggar gave her a letter that left her in tears. The storyline is not reality, it’s purely product of the writer’s imagination but it will sure teach everyone a lesson.


In a certain community called Odom, there lived a rich, influential and very mean lady called Adanma. Due to her meanness and the amount of money and respect she commanded, men were scared of approaching her for a proposal. They all saw her as someone way beyond their league.




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In the same community, there was a poor beggar known as Emeka. The young boy had no choice than to beg after his parents died and all the properties of his parents taken away from him. He was forced at a young age to enter the streets and start begging. Emeka’s life moved from enjoyable to punishable and every passing day, he had to beg and prostrate to passer-by to get food or money to buy food.



One day, Adanma was passing the street, he was begging and being a rich lady, Emeka rushed her and started begging her for food. Adanma was surprised and also angry at the same time because all she had in her box was the food she had earlier prepared at home. Her car was at the mechanic, so she was forced to trek down the street with her legs. While she wanted to shout at the boy, she also considered giving him the food she was carrying because he was looking so weak and terrible.




After some moments of watching the boy beg, she decided to give him the wonderfully prepared meal she prepared at home. The boy collected it and thanked her so much. Adanma went to work that day and when she was coming back, this time with her car. The poor Emeka waved at her car and gave her a piece of letter. The letter read; “I have been starving since 5days ago, I would have either died or committed suicide today if you didn’t help me” this piece of writing terribly broke her heart, she even found it difficult driving home after reading what the boy gave her.


That day, she got home and couldn’t help but cry and cry. She then made a decision to adopt the poor boy as her son, so that he won’t be tempted to commit suicide or die of hunger on the street.


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