Fiction: I Went to my Boyfriend house as I open his hotel room, This is what i Saw

I Went to visit My Boyfriend And as i open his hotel room Door, This is what i Saw [Fiction]

This Article is base on unrealistic content/ strictly fiction


It was one cool afternoon, when the atmosphere was cold, I had a call from my boyfriend( Tobi) asking me to come and visit him in an hotel . tobi said it an important celebration he his having in the hotel that I should come and enjoy myself. I was very happy to hear this so I went and took my bath and put on my best cloth for the occasion.



At about 2 o’clock Pm I was at the gate of the hotel , so I called him on phone to tell him am at the gate. So he told me to enter inside the hotel, so I did .


I met the receptionist who told me his room.


So I went towards the direction of the room which was the last room in the hotel . so I knocked at the door. And I had a voice which said I should come in ,which I did . as I entered into the room I met tobi. So I was very happy. So he welcome me. And he gave a drink which was very chilled so I drank all at once due to the taste. I become weak and feeling dizzy so I try to control myself but I couldn’t , so I slept off and after some hours I woke up it was very dark. So I try to switch on the light, after doing that I couldn’t find tobi. So I went to the baths room to have my bath on getting there this is what I saw I try to run but the room door was lock.


Stay tune for part 2

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