Fiction: Immediately I Killed This Crocodile On My Way To Work, Then This Happened To My Boss

Fiction: Immediately I Killed This Crocodile On My Way To Work, Then This Happened To My Boss.


Hello everyone, my name is Johnson, and I’m 25 years old. I live in Ilorin the state capital of Kwara State. I’m a graduate of Kwara Polytechnic, Ilorin, Kwara State. I currently work at a poultry farm due to the unemployment rate in the state. I studied marketing in the polytechnic and after my youth service I couldn’t secure a good job and as I man I have to keep my hustling rolling in. I have been working in this poultry farm for the past two years now, even though the salary is not too good but at least I can feed myself and pay for my house rent.




I have actually been through situation where I wanted to leave the but due to the fact that I might not easily get another job instill choose to persevere. But there was something that recently happened to me at my place of work and I think I have heard it all. And still yet I’m still confused about what to do and that’s why I’m bringing this up to seek your opinions.


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I want to urge everyone of you to please help me to share this with everyone around you and also know that your comment and opinion would do me a great help if you can drop just one before pressing the back button on your phone. I will narrate what happened to you in way that you will quickly understand and I won’t bore you with a lot of stories, so I will just pick the important message out for you to grab easily. Enjoy!!!




Last two weeks, my boss and I had a little disagreement cause I asked him to please increase my salary by 8% but he disagreed and ever since the his behaviors towards me had changed. On Saturday while I was going back to work, as I was passing beside a small river, I noticed a strange movement in the water and before I could think twice, a strange animal was coming towards my way. I was afraid and I screamed for help, and after a lot of people came around, then the animal which was a crocodile was killed, infact I was among those who killed it as well.


On me getting to the office I received a bad news that my boss had been rushed to the hospital just some hours back. We actually selected some workers to go visit him in the hospital and when they came back the report they gave to us was that he now has stroke from no where he’s paralyzed.




We continued doing our work and while we were on break, I decided to check my mail and to my greatest surprise, I saw that two companies in which I have submitted my application has just approved my letter and they asked me to come see them on Monday. I was very happy for the rest of the day.


As I was about entering my house around 6pm on that day, I received a call from a nurse in the hospital that my boss was admitted that I should come very quickly to the hospital that my boss has something to tell me. In short when I got there, my boss started confessing to me he was the one who actually sent that crocodile to me cause he wanted to boost the economy of his farm and gain more customers and if the …., I didn’t even wait for him to finish his line, I just left there angrily. And uptil now he has been disturbing me with his calls.


Now the big question is:


What should I do?



Should I go back to the hospital and hear all what he has to say?


Or I should just leave him and allow him decay in the hospital?



Or should should just leave his work since I already have another good work?




Thanks for reading please your advice and opinion is very important to my life at this moment.


Please help me to share this to everyone around you. Have a good day ahead.


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